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WonDoor SteelCurtainThe SteelCurtain® folding fire partition is the newest addition to a family of accordion folding partition products that includes the fire-rated Won-Door FireGuard™ and the acoustically-rated DuraSound™. Drawing on time-proven technology developed over the past 40 years, the SteelCurtain® combines the field-tested features of the Won-Door FireGuard™ folding partition with a powerful new software program called Advanced Synchronized Locking (ASL) to create a security package like none other in today’s market.

Only Won-Door FireGuard™ folding partition can span unlimited widths and simultaneously provide Underwriters Laboratories labelled fire separations for atriums, corridors and horizontal exits, with approved heights up to 23 feet without a floor track.

The FireGuard™ 180 series is available with a 3-hour labelled temperature rise rating and comes complete with panic exit and a pressure sensitive edge to stop the door immediately upon contact with any obstruction, pause momentarily, then seek the closed position. All labelled doors meet "tight fitting smoke and draft control" as required for building code approvals.

Prior to design for Canadian installations as primary means of egress,
please call 1-866-7653 for clarification of UL approvals.


WonDoor1 accordion fire partition, folding fire barrier, moveable fire wall
WonDoor3 accordion folding fire partition, fire barrier, moveable fire wall
WonDoor2 accordion folding fire partition, acoustical partition, moveable fire wall
Won-Door FireGuard™
Won-Door DuraSound™
Won-Door DuraFlex™
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Moveable Fire Walls
A Moveable Fire Wall is a separate fire resistive rating for the Won-Door FireGuard™. This product was tested in accordance with ASTM E-119. The principle difference in the listing is that these walls are required to maintain a "low back face" temperature during the test. The average of all thermocouples cannot exceed 250° F above the ambient (room) temperature. The applications for moveable fire walls differ from traditional uses for fire doors. When the code restricts the size of penetrations in a fire wall, the moveable fire wall is an alternative which allows the architect to protect large penings.

For Underwriters Laboratories labelling information and/or quotations - please call - 1-888-786-5623 -
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