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Doors Division aro Click Here for Doors Home Page
Total Door
The TOTAL DOOR SYSTEM is an architect-designed engineered door system. When you specify TOTAL DOOR SYSTEMS you receive a product that has been setting the highest performance and design standards in commercial and institutional building since 1976.
Sound Resistant
Stop Noise acoustical doors are available with ratings up to STC-55. Additionally, wood door assemblies are available at an unprecedented STC-53.
Where fire rating must be combined with corrosion resistance and security, Corrin all-FRP fire doors are ideal.
aro See also:  Heavy-Duty Custom FRP Doors
Stainless Steel
LS-Series Stainless Steel Doors are designed to meet and exceed the harsh environmental exposures like: chemicals, water, moisture and others.
Steel Doors & Frames  
Hollow Metal Doors - Manufactured with rust resistant galvaneal steel, doors are available in 20 gauge, 18 gauge and 16 gauge.
Wood Fire Doors  
In addition to our multiple door designs, we have several options available such as transoms and side lites and matching wood doorframes, including jambs and casings.
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aro See also:  Mohawk Positive Pressure Fire Doors
Dark Room Doors and Pass-Thru Windows
Space-saving, light safe entrances/exits for Handicapped Access facilities, Darkrooms, Radiology Labs, Hospitals, Computer rooms, and many other uses.
aro See also:  Specifications for Speedmatic Dark Room Doors and Pass-Thru Windows
Tempered Glass
Precision control, from drawing board to manufactured product, guarantees a custom built system which is both practical and durable.
Automatic Doors
Each customer's needs are thoroughly evaluated by our engineers and quickly developed into custom solutions through electronics laboratory evaluation, computer aided design and hands-on testing.
Preventive maintenance is not only a factor in providing safe and useable equipment, it can also maintain your business' productivity and efficiency levels.
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Industrial Division aro Click Here for Industrial Home Page
Preventive maintenance is not only a factor in providing safe and useable equipment, it can also maintain your business' productivity and efficiency levels.
Our sectional steel door systems are designed to satisfy the spectrum of opening sizes, field conditions and aesthetic requirements for a host of commercial and industrial applications, including applications requiring thermal performance.
Custom Designs
EPD doors have stood the test of time for over 80 years and new products are constantly being developed to meet our customers' needs.
Blast Resistant
Edwards provides ESS custom-designed manufactured door products. All ESS custom doors are designed to meet your specific functional and dimensional access requirements.
Rolling Steel
Our rolling service door product line offers the widest selection of slat profiles, curtain materials, finishes and sizes.
Dynaco Hi-Speed
A high-performance door maintaining your work environment! Only DYNACO has the solution.
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High Speed Doors
With an opening speed of up to five feet per second, the Spiral door offers the speed you need for high-traffic situations.
Pneumatic Operators
Air-powered operators cycle door three times faster than electric openers decreasing cycle time and energy costs.
Vertical Lift
Vertical lift doors are engineered by EPD to last the life of the building. Heavy-Duty Industrial Vertical Lift doors stand up to high wind loads and extreme environmental conditions.
Specialty Doors
Fabric Hoist-up doors are used in buildings with large opening dimensions and where environment and climate put great demands on the door, e.g. aircraft hangars, shipyards, timber seasoning building and mines.
Bi-Fold/ 4-Fold
The EPD four-fold door is perfect for rapid-transit entrances, fire stations, sally ports and high security entrances.
Car Wash Systems
Pow'AIR'Dor Pneumatic Door Operators offer the most technologically advanced door operating system in the door industry.
Custom Fabrication
Innovative thinking, backed by years of experience has allowed us to be first in the field with many specialty products and materials.
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Architectural Division aro Click Here for Architectural Home Page
LTI Smart Glass
LTI Group is a leading provider of innovative laminated glass and polymer products- known as a pioneer in the processing and laminating of electrified films, and renowned for their creativity in providing innovative, customized solutions to meet their specific customer needs.
Vistamatic Vision Panels
Vistamatic® glazed secure vision panels offer a well established security solution used within Healthcare, Education, Commerce, Residential and High Security projects.
aro See also:  Vistamatic Applications
aro See also:  Vistaport™ Fire Ratings
Fireguard Partitions
Minimize architectural design constraints and maximize function with curved Fireguard labelled assemblies!
aro See also:  Won Door FireGuard Brochure
aro See also:  Won Door  DuraSound Brochure
aro See also:  Won Door  DuraFlex Brochure
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aro See also:  Won Door FireGuard UL'c' approvals
Moveable Walls
KWIK-WALL Glass Walls are constructed with an industry first. We use a Mechanically Fastened System to attach the glass to the glass hardware.
Folding Partitions
Kwik-Wall Accordion Partitionst provide the most economical sound rated solution to effective space management. Accordion partitions are offered in several STC ratings, manual or electric operation, straight or curved tracks along with a variety of options.
Boon Edam Entrances
Since 1903, Boon Edam has produced the highest quality revolving entrances in the world. Designed for “Continued performance, guaranteeing lifetime satisfied customers” with a broad and complete line of engineered entrance solutions; including automatic or manual revolving doors, security doors, optical and glass turnstiles, curved sliding entrances and barrier free air curtains.
Gym/Stage Curtains
Gymnasium Dividers, Theatre Curtains and Specialty curtains that are used in Schools, Theatres, Hospitals and a variety of other applications across Canada and the United States. Every project is unique. Specifications and drawings can be prepared while taking into consideration the functions and versatility our customers need.
Finished Wood Frames
An effective easy to install door frame for a more architecturally enhanced use. Applied casing permits a variety of aesthetically pleasing appearances. Adjustable to wrap unfinished openings, mitred and dowelled corners, with Warnock Hersey 20min fire rating and positive pressure certification.
Finished Steel Frames
Rediframe Pre-Finished Steel Door Frame Products are strong bywords in the building industry, with a product line established as the standard to which contractors worldwide measure quality. Dedicated to workmanship and long-term customer satisfaction, Rediframe Products has created a unique niche for itself. Rediframe is a fire rated, strong-as-the-wall door frame that is available in fixed and flexible models. 
Specialty Cladding
Dorma RTS-88 ’s 530 & 540 top hung sliding stack wall systems incorporate the highest quality components to ensure smooth, easy, quiet & long lasting operation. Low tolerance curving of the extrusions provides the smoothest of operation for our curved systems.
Wood Shutters
Crafted exclusively of solid hardwoods a WoodFold Roll-Up Door enhances commercial or residential space. Taking the concept of the roll-top desk to room size applications, a custom made roll-up door stores conveniently overhead, providing full out of the way access to service desks, food service areas or retail space.
Solar Screens
As the leading manufacturer of roller sunscreen shading systems, SunProject has developed a complete line of lightproof shading systems. Included are various 100% blackout fabrics.
Foot Grilles
For new construction or renovation BOLAR offers you a wide variety of products that will satisfy your needs for all commercial, institutional, industrial and/or residential building.
aro See also:   Bolar Roof Hacthes - Product Specifications
aro See also:   Bolar Model AB-2 Specifications
aro See also:   Bolar Model BA 3/4 Specifications 
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Security Division aro Click Here for Security Home Page
Securitech is recognized by architects and clients as the leading innovator of high security lock and electric door lock products. Securitech has advanced the art of mechanical security and electric security with easy-to-install multi-point exit door locks and exit devices, including code compliant electric locks and combination latch and electromagnetic locking systems.
Electronic Cylinders
The virtually pick-proof, intelligent CyberLock cylinder replaces standard 6-pin cylinders in minutes. Access can be restricted to specific times and days with the option of a start as well as an expiration date. An audit report is stored in both the CyberLock cylinder and the CyberKey.
aro See also:  Cyberlock Intelligent Cores
The virtually pick-proof, intelligent CyberLock cylinder replaces standard 6-pin cylinders in minutes. Access can be restricted to specific times and days with the option of a start as well as an expiration date.
aro See also:   TouchAccess Lock Systems with Audit Controls
With TouchAccess installed, you have the ability to grant access to selected individuals on specific days at specific times. TouchAccess provides a comprehensive audit trail of all access events showing who was there, when and how long. The iButton™ "keys" are unalterable and cannot be duplicated.
aro See also:   TouchAccess with Multi-Lock
Businesses of all sizes can now inexpensively track and control access to file cabinet drawers. This system allows management control over who has access to files, what days they have access, and the specific times during those days.
aro See also:   Multi-Lock with CyberLock Controlled Access
Multi-Lock Multiple Cabinet Locking System eliminates the torque exhibited in devices that lock at the top and bottom only.
Timewand Bar Code Reader
The Videx TimeWand II is a a fully programmable contact bar code reader that fits in the palm of your hand. The rugged and reliable, it features a cast metal case, sapphire scan tip, numeric keypad, two-line display, and internal memory of 128K.
aro See also:   LaserLite Bar Code Readers
LaserLite Mx is an exceptional high-performance data collector that offers a multitude of features. It combines laser bar code reading and Touch Memory button reading with an alphanumeric keypad.
aro See also:   DuraTrax Memory Reader
DuraTrax reads both bar codes and Touch Memory buttons. DuraTrax brings you the latest in highly functional portables.
aro See also:   TouchProbe Contact Bar Code Readers
Videx Touch Probe with Touch Technology and Compact Portability Adding Touch Memory to our Rugged Line of Portable Data Collectors - Reads or Writes as Required
Mul-T-Lock Security
Key Control is normally overlooked in project planning, and can become very costly after completion. We represent the world leader in high security lock cylinders with totally restricted keys that retrofit your new or existing hardware.
Electronic Key Cabinets
We specialize in products and software to control, store, and protect your keys. We provide new meaning to the word secure. Let us get to know you and we will meet the demanding challenges of your environment.
Anodized aluminum turnstiles offering attractive, functional and rugged access control with metal detection. Designed to work alongside security turnstiles to accomodate individuals using wheelchairs or other mobility aids.
Security Screens
The Safegarde system lets you create areas that meet your every need ! Safegarde security partitions are ideal for large and small warehouses. They ensure complete protection without interfering with the free circulation of air and light.
Detention Screens
The Van-Guard® series of security screens is recommended for non-violent psychiatric rooms, alcohol/drug detox, hospital pharmacies, lounge areas and juvenile residential centers. The Van-Guard® screens offer a high level of security and great airflow. The perfect solution for smokey lounge areas. Custom colours are available to coordinate with your patient room colours.
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Specialty Division aro Click Here for Specialty Home Page
Bullet Resistant
Safeguard Security Services, Inc. has been manufacturing bullet resistant and physical security products since 1980. Safeguard Security manufactures UL Listed Armortex® Bullet Resistant Fiberglass. This material is manufactured using a starch-oil woven roving ballistic grade fiberglass cloth we manufacture in-house.
Fire Walls
DuraSystems can provide passive fire protection solutions for telecommunication and electrical power utilities, petrochemical, mining and resource industries, transportation industry and off-shore oil and gas platforms.
Cable Trays
As noted in the U.S. National Electrical Code, a cable tray system is "a unit or assembly of units or sections and associated fittings forming a rigid structural system used to securely fasten or support cables and raceways." Think of cable tray as the structural component of a building's electrical system.
Banana Rooms
Folding overhead doors EDS-BR-TH2000 offers a room saving solution with optimum usage of existing space. Stacking doors are made for the highest demands of design and stability due to their exclusive construction.
Fire Cabinets
All fire rated cabinets are fabricated with Fire-FXTM "double tub" construction. Our regular cabinet tub is surrounded by a layer of type "X" drywall and an additional layer of steel. All rated cabinets are fabricated in accordance with UBC 43-6 (ASTM E814-88) to measure fire resistive performance and the drywall layer provides the fire resistance needed to meet the Warnock Hersey rating.
Access Panels
We now offer an access panel which is fire rated for both wall and ceiling applications.
Roof Hatches
The Bolar roof hatches are designed to easily access to the roofs. The complete waterproofness and insulation of the doors are perfectly suited to our and other countries' climate.
Industrial Noise is not just an occupational health and safety issue. Whether it is strategically placed baffles and wall blankets to control ambient nose, or a SoftWall™ enclosure system we have practical, efficient, cost-effective noise control solutions.
aro See also:  The ABC's of Noise Control
Fyre-Tec Windows
The Fyre-Tec™ window is a clean, precisely designed steel Horizontal Slide, Single Hung, Fixed Lite, or Projected window. Construction is roll formed steel sections with welded.
Ecoglo Safety Products
Ecoglo® products feature a built-in photoluminescent strip made up of crystals in a pigment that absorb light from both solar and artificial sources. The luminescent strips quickly become charged and emit a steady green glow.
Sound Panels
Controlling a reverberant sound field with sound absorbing materials is often the most practical method of noise control for institutional, industrial, exposition and correctional facilities. Experiments in psycho acoustics and speech intelligibility have shown that long reverberation times make the understanding of speech difficult or impossible.
Sound R/F rooms
Moduline noise control structures are acoustically rated and field proven with demountable components. These structures include walls, roof and floor panels as well as doors, windows, ventilation units, silencers, trim and hardware. All types of measurements requiring the exclusion of sound, can be made in our medical and life sciences units.
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Hardware Division aro Click Here for Hardware Home Page
Since 1864 SARGENT® Manufacturing Company has been producing hardware and is now one of the world's leading and most respected manufacturers of architectural hardware for commercial construction, institutional and industrial markets. Sargent® provides a full line of locksets, door closers, exit devices, access control systems for new construction, renovation, and replacement applications.
LCN Closers
From schools and healthcare facilities, to sports arenas, government buildings and other commercial setting, LCN closers are the toughest, smoothest and most reliable door closers in the business. The LCN surface mounted closers includes heavy-duty closers for interior and exterior doors and standard duty.
To provide the desired level of security, even the finest architectural hardware requires a properly designed and maintained master key system. The PYRAMID™ system with its patented mechanism is recommended for installations requiring superior protection against picking, drilling and other surreptitious entry.
Dorma Door Controls
Dorma Architectural Hardware manufactures and markets a complete line of door controls, exit devices and electronic access control hardware. Employing the latest technological processes, DORMA is able to guarantee absolute tolerance accuracy, advanced design, and the use of the newest materials to meet the challenges of the future, today.
Ingersoll-Rand is the leading North American manufacturer of architectural hardware products and services designed to enhance security and safety for commercial and institutional buildings. Schlage and LCN are two of our most recognized brands in this sector and as in other markets we serve, demand is fueled by fundamental human needs.
Von Duprin
Von Duprin Division is the leading manufacturer of door exit hardware and related electrified security door control products. Started in 1908, Von Duprin introduced the first "panic release bar" in response to a need for protecting life safety while providing security; a purpose that still guides the firm today.
Stanley Hinges
High-performance hinges and hardware from America's most respected name in architectural hardware! The full range of Stanley hinges provided by EDWARDS with mounting options and special application products to meet virtually any design requirement.
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Docks Divisionaro Click here for Docks Home Page
Ram Guards
Stop Forced Entries at Truck Loading Dock Doors! Ram Guard Barriers designed to meet your requirements. Protect your property against smash and grab break-ins with an affordable and effective solution - For commercial and retail applications, warehousing.
Safety Barriers
The Dock Guard™ Barrier Lip protects personnel, goods and equipment from accidentally rolling off the dock. When levelers are used in below dock end loading conditions the Dock Guard™ Lip is most useful in keeping the lift truck safely on the leveler.
Nordock Levellers
Nordock provides a full line of loading dock equipment including dock levelers, vehicle restraints, scissor lifts, truck levelers, dock seals, and a comprehensive line of accessories. In addition, Nordock has the unique capability to design and manufacture specialty engineered products for loading dock, safety and lift applications.
Serco Levellers
Increase your operational efficiency and productivity with Total Hydraulic Control at the touch of a button. For maximum safety, low maintenance and increased efficiency, Serco's hydraulic dock leveler is the perfect solution.
Truck Restraints
Serco SL2060 vehicle restraints are constructed out of ½" thick high-tensile galvanized steel for extra strength and durability. The stationary, non-impact, low-profile restraint can be mounted on the drive or to the foundation wall and is designed to withstand over 32,000 lbs. of pull-out force. 
Dock seals and shelters are installed to conserve energy and to protect against dirt, debris, fumes, pests and harsh elements. They also help decrease the possibility of slips, falls and lift truck skids. Seals and shelters should be sized to fit all trailers serviced at a particular dock.
aro See also:   Dock Seals, Dock Pads, Truck Shelters & Safety Equipment
Edwards offers a complete range of seals and shelters to keep your dock conditions safe and efficient. Our products feature ultra-durable Serco Steel™ framing for years of like-new performance.
Cold Storage
The Fast-Fold Freezer door literally gave birth to the idea of high-speed doors in cold storage environments. It was the first to be used in cooler and freezer applications, and its time-tested durability and dependability have made it the best-selling high-speed door in the cold storage market.
Nordock has a variety of dock bumpers to suit your needs. Improve dock safety with the Autogard™ ATG-3000 Safety Barrier Leveler and the HTR-1A hydraulic truck restraint.
Strip Doors
The Series 6500 Breakaway Panel is a patented Solution for overhead doors where the bottom panel suffers abuse from accidental impact. Designed to replace any width overhead door panel, the 6500 Breakaway Panel can sustain very high impact without damaging the panel or the overhead door track.
Impact Doors
Lightweight Service Doors open manually with minimal resistance and gently close by gravity. They provide exceptional value for a variety of applications including retail, supermarkets, restaurants and any other light to medium duty applications where durability, aesthetic appeal and low costs are considerations.
Bug Screens
Weathershield® Insect Control Barrier Systems are heavy-duty, industrial grade nylon-mesh screens designed to be used on loading dock doors; dumpster doors; ground-level doors; and, other openings where sanitation is desired.
Zap Operators
This patented range of DC Motor-Drive and Controllers operates without limit switches and without a safety edge. The controller provides automatic stop and re-open control if the door meets an obstruction during the close cycle.
Preventive maintenance is not only a factor in providing safe and useable equipment, it can also maintain your business' productivity and efficiency levels.
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Division 10 aro Click Here for Division 10 Home Page
Phenolic Partitions
Made of multiple layers of phenol-resin coated kraft paper. Sheets are assembled using a special process that results in a highly resistant material. Pressed together under high pressure and intense heat, the layers fuse to form a solid, homogenous, water-tight material that is vandal, oil, mildew and cigarette proof.
aro See also:  Advantage + Privacy Protector
This new partition features the Privacy Protector — a strip of black polypropylene felt, embedded on both sides of the partition door. This innovation along with our standard continuous full height mounting channels, completely eliminates any undesirable openings, to allow for total privacy.
Steel Partitons
Doors, panels, and pilasters shall be constructed of two sheets of type 304, #4 rigidized stainless steel with 5WL® pattern. Grain to run lengthwise (vertical) for all doors, pilasters, standard panels deeper than 60" will require horizontal grain pattern.
Steel Lockers
All steel parts and aluminum pedestals shall be phosphatised, and finished with a high performance epoxy powder coating, baked on to provide a uniform, smooth, protective finish. Colours shall be selected from our manufacturer's standard line of decorator colours, including textured colours.
Plastic Lockers
Fortress Lockers Systems™ plastic lockers with its Sleek, Elegant lines are perfect in every Design Scheme.
Office Modules
Panelink is a panel system designed to increase productivity and provide the ideal working environment for every member of your organization.

Residential Division aro Click Here for Residential Home Page
Garage Doors
If you are in need of a garage door, you have come to the right place... We have been working in the garage door business for more than thirty years.
Garage Door Openers
See the new screw drive garage door openers from Overhead Door. With maximum power and speed, these openers provide the utmost in performance and convenience. Plus, with their patened Direct Drive system, they are very reliable and maintenance free.
Patio Covers
ArmourTech Building Specialties: For the ultimate in comfort. The patented IR reflective Heatstop coating allows the sunlight to shine through while reflecting the heat away.
Vinyl Windows
Manufactured locally to meet architectural design specifications and your delivery schedule. We are committed to manufacture one of the finest quality products available in the Window and Door market today.
Weiser Hardware
Today, Weiser Lock is recognized as an innovation leader. Weiser Lock was first with Brilliance®, the Anti-Tarnish Finish. First again, with the Powerbolt™ keyless electronic entry system and now, Prestige™, distinctive forged solid brass locks which reflect refinement and style.
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