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Kwik- Wall Glass WallKWIK-WALL Glass Walls are constructed with an industry first. We use a Mechanically Fastened System to attach the glass to the glass hardware. The glass hardware allows for stacking the glass walls in many configurations. Operable Glass Walls are in use for interior operable walls and exterior moveable glass walls. KWIK-WALL has partnered with Joel Berman Glass Studios to provide designer and architectural glass in all folding glass walls.
Shown at left: Kwik-Wall Moveable Glass Walls for Interior or Exterior Applications - Custom Heights up to 12'0" - 3.66m

Operable Partitions

Moveable Glass Walls
aroNominal 1 7/16" [36.5mm] Thick Panels
aroHeights up to 12'0" [3.66m]

Moveable walls are the standard product to use when dividing classrooms, training rooms, ball rooms, and gymnasiums. KWIK-WALL offers several models including steel framed panel, steel reinforced frames, hinged pair panels, individual panels, curved and electric wall type systems. Each series is sound rated and has varying characteristics that meet functional, budget and design requirements. Each series is available in paired, individual and continuously hinged configurations. KWIK-WALL’s operable walls are tested to high quality standards with life cycle, stress, and serviceability.

kwik2000  Kwik-Wall Series 2000 Operable Walls

aro3" [76mm] Thick Panels...Heights up to 16'-2"...STC ratings from 42 to 51
aroApplications - Schools, Churches, Training Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Restaurants, Ballrooms.

kwik3000  Kwik-Wall Series 3000 Operable Walls

aro3 5/8" [92mm] Thick Panels...Heights up to 24'-2" (7.37M)...STC ratings from 43 to 55
aroApplications - Schools, Churches, Conference Centers, Convention Centers, Hotels, Meeting Rooms.

kwik4000  Kwik-Wall Series 4000 Operable Walls

aro3 5/8" [92mm] Thick Panels...Heights from 24'-3" to 42'-3"...STC ratings 53 & 55
aroApplications - Ballrooms, Convention Centers, Museums, Hotels, Casinos, Industrial, Gymnasiums, Meeting Rooms.

Movable walls or flat panels and operable partitions are a series of interlocking panels suspended from an overhead track system. When in place, the panels are similar in appearance to a permanent wall. A selection of face coverings are available to match or coordinate with the room decor. Accessories such as chalk and tack boards and pass doors provide versatility.

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