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Boon-Edam Sentara TQA
Since 1903, Boon Edam has produced the highest quality revolving entrances in the world. Designed for “Continued performance, guaranteeing lifetime satisfied customers” with a broad and complete line of engineered entrance solutions; including automatic or manual revolving doors, security doors, optical and glass turnstiles, curved sliding entrances and barrier free air curtains.

Shown at left: SENTARA - TQA - Classical Entrance to Office Tower

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Architecturally aesthetic fully automatic stainless steel entrance, integrated in the building's architecture.

With the Tournex four-wing design you can welcome a large number of visitors into your building. This reliable and spacious revolving door offers extremely safe and comfortable access.
boon_tournexClassical Revolving Doors
Model: Tournex

Architectural elegance for the most heavy traffic flow applications.
Aesthetic user-friendly, elegant entrance with comprehensive safety features by Boon-Edam.

Boon Edam can rightly say it is ‘The first name in Entrance Technology’. Thousands of people pass through their doors all over the world. There is no other major international group with Boon Edam's longstanding experience in the field of revolving doors and security doors. The first 100 years of revolving door manufacturing is a milestone of which we are all rightly proud. However, be assured that we will not rest on our laurels, but will continue to do everything within our power to earn and retain the lasting loyalty of our customers world-wide. Product quality and innovation will continue to be our driving force.

Standard Functions
aro"Always Open" - "Always Closed"
aroProgrammable logic controllers
aroDigital A.C. frequency drive systems

aroIntegrated safety sensor systems
aroAnti-tailgating sensor systems
aroPre-set RPM speed control
aroInterlocking mantraps
aroExtended Door and Canopy widths
aroHandicap buttons "Push to Slow"
aroSecurity communications package for security doors
aroTop rail (TRS) infrared sensors
aroMicrowave motion detectors for automatic doors
aroSelf-diagnostic control panel with visual display
aroKey switch night-duty lock

aroPre-engineered emergency collapsing system
aroEmergency disengagement by building/smoke/fire alarm system
aroActivators, presence and safety sensors operable by card reader
aroPressure sensitive safety switches to stop doors rotation
aroProgrammable torque limiting frequency controller

Professional Door Management Systems

aroTranspalock & Winglock - Speedlane
aroElegant three-wing security turnstiles

boonsvceAvailable with elegant enclosures constructed of stainless steel, reflecting the trend of point-fixed glass in contemporary architecture.

Transpalock is a three wing automatic security turnstile which admits one person per authorization. while allowing authorized persons to pass through the turnstile in either direction. The Winglock is an automatic gate accessible for the disabled or persons pushing carts, it also functions as a safe escape route in case of emergency

Preventative Maintenance Contracts
Provide an unmatched combination of security and capacity for use in busy entrances. The elegant lines of glass and wings create the impression of a barrier free environment. The Speedlane consists of two opposite units, each equipped with a mechanism which controls the door wings. Once a visitor is authorized, the door wings slide away into their casings providing full unhindered passage.

For sales information and details please contact Edwards Door Systems Limited - 1-888-786-5623.

No matter how good the equipment is, mechanical failure can never be ruled out. Investing in maintenance can save a lot of time and trouble in the long run as well as extending the life of your operating equipment. As clients have differing needs and expectations, EDWARDS Door Systems offers a range of service and maintenance agreements designed to cater to all.

Atlanta - Tournex
Invite customers in with a state of the art:
Boon Edam Air Entrance System

The Boon Edam Air Entrance System provides a safe barrier free access establishing a visual link to the interior of a store and becomes a powerful tool for attracting shoppers. The air entrance is an effective way to get customers inside; and deliver the message that they are always welcome.

When the Air Entrance System is installed in a building with Boon Edam's exclusive Neutralization technology it will invite shoppers in while keeping the weather out and maintaining environmental control within a building. This system maintains a comfortable climate at the front end of the store with a nearly seamless climactic shift. No other entry system provides such easy barrier free access which is conducive to the flow of traffic and also aesthetically unassuming, enabling it to be integrated into any architectural plan.
Novatel - New York City
Boon Edam Stainless Steel Revolving Door

Barrier-Free Environmentally Controlled Air Curtains

The Choice is Definitely Clear

At Boon Edam you will see what gives us the right to claim that we are the First name in Entrance Technology. Along with our International Network of Distributors we are proud to offer the highest quality in design, construction and installation. We listen intently to the specific requirements and desires of our customers; and today's Architects now have a vast array of choices when incorporating revolving entrances, turnstiles and air entrances into their designs.

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Preventative Facility Maintenance Programs Available

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