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APPLICATIONS:  Healthcare  --  Education --  Security  --  Residential -- Commercial

VISTAMATIC® is the world’s leading manufacturer ofglazed secure vision panels; dedicated to the continued research and development of manual vision access control.

Vistamatic® combines innovation with the highest standards of manufacturing, to create unique products to suit a wide range of specifications. The durable reliability of a Vistamatic® vision panel demonstrates that simplicity is essential for natural surveillance.

Vistamatic® glazed secure vision panels offer a well established security solution used within Healthcare, Education, Commerce, Residential and High Security projects.

Internationally recognized as a proven product with a lifetime warranty, Vistamatic vision panels have become the number one choice for architects worldwide.

First developed in the early 1970's VISTAMATIC® has been providing glazed secure vision panels to architects around the world for over 40 years. Each panel is made to specification by a production team with a combined 75 years of experience in the glass and glazing industry.
vm-NWCH-Corner-insideVistamatic® MAX installed at
Nationwide Community Hospital, Chicago, US
The Vistamatic® name is derived from two words “Vista” the Italian word for view and “Matic” an abbreviation of the word “Automatic” meaning instinctive, impulsive etc.

Secure, durable and reliable, Vistamatic® vision panels are a proven monitoring and manual vision access control solution. Healthcare, Education, Commerce, Residential and High Security projects are just some of the sectors which have benefited from their installation.

With over 200 projects in 33 states since launching in the US in 2005, Vistamatic® vision panels are specified by the leading hospitals and medical facilities. Vistamatic® can boast to being a market leader and the only company in the world to offer a fully operable, linear design porthole unit the Vistaport®.

All Vistamatic® vision panels carry a Lifetime warranty* and Vistamatic® remains both the world’s leading brand and largest manufacturer of glazed secure vision panels.

The Vistamatic® research and development program is continually taking glazed secure vision panels to new levels in terms of security, performance and innovation with our unique product range.
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Vistamatic® Product Line

vm-usamaxVistamatic® Max
Size: Maximum size, 24" x 39"

Registered design UK – 001006993-0001.
Registered design US – D620130.

The Vistamatic-Max offers a viewing aspect of more than twice that of the standard linear design through a multiple of 1" sandblasted lines. While creating the appearance of a venetian blind this product has a serious advantage being manufactured as a triple glazed sealed unit thus eliminating the need for constant cleaning or routine maintenance.

vm-ussupermaxVistamatic® Super-Max
Size: up to 48" x 48"

Currently our largest available vision panel in sizes up to 48" x 48" incorporating the increased viewing aspect through a multiple of 30mm sandblasted lines.

The Super-Max offers unparralled observation qualities, ideal for nursing stations or wall installation the Vistamatic® Super-Max makes the monitoring of such environments a simple and easy procedure.

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vm-longVistamatic® Max-XL™
Sizes from: Height: 57" x Width: 12"

Specifically designed to offer a streamline appearance to any door requiring a full length panel and with all of the benefits expected of a Vistamatic®, the Max-XL™ dispenses with the need to install two individual panels vertically into a door blank.

The Max-XL allows discreet observation through the upper area of the panel and is available in a variety of glass options.

Vistamatic® VistaGlide


The Vistamatic® Vista-Glide™ (patent pending no.1104905.3) has been specifically developed to improve the tactility of operation in larger panels. Vista-Glide™offers a unique and progressive movement in allowing the unit to close silently and smoothly eliminating sudden impact and percussion.

The Vista-Glide™ mini damping system is a revelation where secure and discreet observation is required and where the need for larger panels is a necessity. Operated by an attractive chrome handle a simple half turn of the lever allows the panel to move from completely opaque to a 50% linear vision aspect.

A quick flick of the lever in the reverse direction allows the interior panel to silently glide to its resting place reversing the visual aspect to complete opacity thus providing total privacy.

Available in panel sizes upto 40" x 40" and no other vision panel in the world offers this feature.

The Vistamatic® Vista-Glide™ is a revelation in that it can provide a variety of solutions to a multitude of problems. Ideal for office partitioning, corridor viewing, nursing stations or as a manual vision access control system the Vista-Glide™ is truly unique and comes with a Lifetime* Warranty.
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vistaport2Vistamatic® Vistaport™
Size: 15 3/4" | TM – 3183047 / US 78 / 678,208.
(Pat pending 11/998, 867).
Modern architectural design increasingly incorporates curved lines that are felt to be softer and more welcoming. With an emphasis on creating a hospitable, environmentally modern outlook Vistamatic have produced the unique Vistaport™. The only circular vision panel of its kind and part of a versatile range of safety solutions, the Vistaport™ retains the security and observation advantages afforded by all original Vistamatic Vision Panels.

Measuring 15 3/4" in diameter and 7/8" thick the Vistaport™ is manufactured using the same technical principle as regular Vistamatic® Vision Panels.

Featuring optional stainless steel beading and the same specially designed handle mechanisms as the standard vision panel, Vistaport™ adds style as well as function to any project.


vistaxVistamatic® X
Residential Panel - Pat pending PCT/GB2007/000215.

The revolutionary Vistamatic® X Vision Panel provides Face to Face security and can be easily installed in almost any type of domestic or residential front door.

Taking a preventative strategy towards doorstep crime and Bogus Callers, it offers protection and reassurance, helping to ensure a safe and secure home environment by way of natural surveillance. Vistamatic® X gives the homeowner the power to check a callers identity without having to open the door or release chains or locks.

By simply turning a handle, the user can switch between a clear glass panel for discreet observation of a caller and an opaque design for complete privacy.
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Graphics and Colour Options
Colour Options

vm-blackvistaColour can play a part in creating an exciting or calming influence within an environment.

Vistamatic® offer a wide choice of over 100 shades of colour, or sandblast effects, all of which can help add a unique identity to any project.

Commercial Graphic Options

vm-Wavevm-TeddyIndividual bespoke graphics can make the world of difference to a project be they of a novel or commercial nature.

Our graphic design department has the ability to create and develop a choice of practical and novel ideas that can transform the aesthetics of an environment whilst maintaining the observation merits of the panel.

Domestic Graphic Options

The Vistamatic® X is available in 4 designs
Edwardian Swirl,
Abstract Square
Offset Square

as well our standard linear designs.
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Handle Options and Finishes

Lever Handle

Chromium Plated, easy clean and suited for either hand or elbow operation.
vm-knob10  vm-knob9

Key Locking

Recommended where a need of high security or limited access is a requirement.
vm-knob8  vm-knob7

Anti Ligature

Safe, secure and designed to reduce the potential for self inflicted injury.
vm-knob3  vm-knob4

Knurled Knob

Designed to reduce the risk of self harm whilst offering an improved degree of purchase.
vm-knob1  vm-knob2

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