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SECTION 10655 - Accordion Folding Partitions shall be DuraSound as manufactured by Won-Door Corporation.

Operation: Shall be top supported, and manually [electrically] operated.

Construction: Shall consist of two parallel accordion-type walls of panels independently suspended with no pantographs or interconnections except at the lead-post. Panels shall be formed of cold rolled vinyl-clad 24-gauge V-grooved steel. Vinyl shall be permanently bonded by heat pressure lamination to the steel panel. Panels shall be connected by full height extruded vinyl hinges.

Insulation: Interior surfaces of both walls shall be completely covered with a continuous blanket of 2 lb.density foil-backed fiberglass fastened in place with steel spring-clips.

Perimeter Seals: Shall consist of continuous extruded vinyl sweep strips attached to the top and bottom of the partition. Leading edges of lead-posts and receiver posts shall be acoustically sealed by extruded vinyl interlocking seals.

Lead-posts: Shall be of 16-gauge cold rolled steel and shall be connected to the partition by specially formed steel panels. Lead-post hardware shall include standard grip-type handles and sliding latch to effect closure. [Key locks shall be provided if required.]

Hanging weight: shall be 4.2 pounds per square foot.

OPTIONS: Stabilizer Bar: Shall consist of a top supported, internally mounted diagonal brace connected to the lead-post for proper alignment during operation and latching. [Requires 14" wide header.]

Motor operator: Motor-operated folding partitions shall be driven by means of a roller chain attached to the stabilizer bar trolley. An internally mounted stabilizer bar shall keep lead-posts plumb and in proper alignment during operation and insure a tight fitting closure without the use of mechanical latches. Motor Operated Assembly: Shall consist of a 115/230 volt single-phase AC Motor [or 208 volt 3-phase AC gear motor], reversing electro-magnetic starter, and limit switch. Size of each motor shall be determined by manufacturer to insure proper operation.

ACOUSTICAL PERFORMANCE: Sound transmission class STC) shall be STC 48 when tested in accordance with requirements of ASTM E-90.

COLOURS: Vinyl finish color shall be selected by the architect from manufacturer's standard colours.



Openings shall be to the dimensions specified, plumb and level. Headers shall be leveled with the finished floor to within +/- 1/4" (.006) tolerance over the entire length of the opening.

NOTE: All headers, support structures, surrounding insulation, jambs, pocket doors, field painting, blocking and wood trim as required shall be furnished and installed by other sections and/or the General Contractor.

Contractor is required to supervise unloading and handling. Store boxes flat (not more than three high) in a dry area and protect from elements that may damage materials.

INSPECTION: Contractor shall inspect prepared opening and immediately notify the architect, in writing, of unacceptable conditions.

INSTALLATION: Install partitions in accordance with manufacturer's printed instructions. Upon completion of the installation, the General Contractor shall protect partitions from damage and replace or repair subsequent damage so that partitions are acceptable to the architect, at no additional cost to the owner.

Warranty: All Won-Door materials shall be warranted against defects and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of substantial completion.

Please call us for additional labelling information, specifications and architectural details.
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