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Preventative Maintenance

Rolling Steel Fire Doors, Overhead Doors, Rapid Roll HI-SPEED Doors, Loading Dock Equipment, Truck Restraints, Electric~Hydraulic~Pneumatic Air Operators

Automatic Operators, Revolving Doors, Electric Control Panels, Moveable Walls & Partitions, Security Hardware, Electronic Access Control Systems, Card Actuated & Proximity Locks

Benefits Of A Preventive Maintenance Program

aro Increase Operational Efficiency ~ Reliability

aro Extend Useful Life Of Your Equipment

aro Reduce Probability of Equipment Malfunctioning

aro Decrease Costly Downtime

aro Decrease Long-Term Repair Expense

aro Priority Scheduling For Service

Just like your car or truck, planned maintenance can extend the life of your doors, hardware, operators, electrical control panels, access systems and dock equipment, as well as preventing not only costly unexpected repairs, but possible accidents and/or injury to your personnel. By routinely checking all operating doors and hardware and insuring that all equipment is functioning well and structurally safe, you can decrease the chance of an accident at your facility and ensure that all security hardware is functioning properly and all labelled and safety requirements are being maintained.

Preventive maintenance is not only a factor in providing safe and useable equipment, it can also maintain your business' productivity and efficiency levels. Since exterior shipping doors are the first and last part of the product cycle in most facilities, your equipment should be performing at its highest level all of the time.


The purpose of this program is to establish a consistent routine of maintenance for your doors, hardware, operators and loading dock equipment, while providing the outlet for the purchase of repair parts and labour or emergency service, as required. Longer life, more reliable product performance and early detection of operational malfunctions are the objectives of our Preventive Maintenance Program.

As a property owner/manager, you are sensitive to maintenance costs and the need for reliability and security provided by all operating equipment in your facility. If this equipment is out of operation, it can result in the necessity of added security expense, or worse, a facility that is not secure.

Through this program, you can expect to decrease the volume of operating equipment problems. This will be accomplished through periodic inspections combined with proper lubrication and adjustments, described as follows;

To maximize the effectiveness of this program, a priority file will be established for your company. This file will contain the following data:

A) A detailed map will indicate the physical location of all your doors, operators and dock equipment, identified by a number already established by your company or assigned by our PM team personnel. This will simplify communications when requesting repair services.

B) Specific information will be maintained on all doors, operators and dock equipment. Manufacturer, serial number, size, type; and similar important data in the file will allow prompt response of personnel and equipment to properly perform service on the equipment.

C) A detailed record of all inspections, results, actions taken, and those required will be given to you after each inspection, and a copy put in the file.

Experience has proven that periodic preventive maintenance and careful inspection can reduce both downtime and repair expenses, while extending useful life and operating efficiency.

This periodic maintenance program is not a guarantee against failure of, or damage to, the designated doors, hardware, operators or dock equipment, but rather it is an important asset in the overall effective management of your facility. This program provides for routine inspections in accordance with agreed terms and conditions. This program does not offer extended product warranty, nor does it relieve the owner/manager from his daily responsibilities of housekeeping, supervision and proper operation of all doors, hardware, operators, electrical controls or loading dock equipment.

Sample Dock Map

Sample Agreement:

Conditions of the maintenance and periodic inspection agreement are as follows:

(1) The program covers normal maintenance limited to routine inspections, lubrication and tightening of fasteners. It does not include replacement parts or the labour for their installation if required after inspections.

Periodic inspections and maintenance as outlined herewith will be conducted as per the schedule noted and agreed for all doors and equipment: (place a "D" for doors, "O" for operators, "E" for electrical, "L" for levelers, "S" for seals / shelters, "T" for truck restraints, "A" for accessories). _____ Monthly _____Semi-Annually _____Quarterly _____ Annually

This program will cover all doors and operators, electric control panels, infra-red controls, safety edges, loop detectors and dock equipment, including miscellaneous items. The total sum for periodic inspection shall be $_________.


Please indicate which of the following options will apply to this agreement in reference to repair work recommended after inspections are completed:

(A) Necessary minor replacement parts up to the amount of $_________ will be installed when performing preventive maintenance and invoiced as extra to the agreed upon periodic fee for preventive maintenance inspections.

(B) A detailed list of recommended replacement parts will be supplied after each inspection with a quoted price for parts and installation. Authorization must be obtained prior to proceeding with installation or additional work.

(2) Work performed under this agreement will be accomplished during normal working hours between _____AM and _____PM Monday through Friday. This agreement does not cover emergency service calls, which will be handled at our emergency rate of $_________ per man-hour for calls dispatched between the hours of _____PM and _____AM. Overtime rates shall commence when any call is received after _____PM and will be performed at the rate of $________ per man-hour. Special time rates will apply on weekends and holidays and when service work is performed between the hours of _____PM and _____AM on any day, at a rate of $________ per man-hour. All mileage charges will be extra to our hourly rates and third party rentals will include our standard overhead charge.

(3) The Preventive Maintenance Program will NOT cover the following: Damage to doors, operators, controls or loading dock equipment. Any electrical problem created by insufficient voltage or incorrect electrical hook-up, worn or faulty connections.

(4) Edwards Door Systems Limited, shall not be liable for specific, incidental or consequential damages or losses caused by any acts beyond their reasonable control, or misuse or abuse by others of the door/dock equipment and/or electrical controls and hardware.

(5) Service will not be rendered under this agreement in any case that the customer has a past due account.

(6) It is agreed that either party will have the right to cancel this program at any time with written notice.

(7) This agreement shall not become effective until the equipment is inspected and accepted by a representative of Edwards Door Systems Limited.

Agreed and accepted on this _____________ day of ______________, ______.

Please contact us for further information regarding service rates and PM agreement.
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