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Horizontal sliding accordion-type fire doors shall be Won-Door FireGuard model Fire doors as listed by Underwriters Laboratories for ratings as indicated, when tested in accordance with the requirements of UL 10B and ASTM E-152. [20, 60, 90 or 180 minute fire resistive rating]

Permanent power shall be in-place and ready for final connection when fire doors are erected. Assure access to and proper clearance for motor operators. After testing the fire alarm system, automatic-closing fire doors shall be re-set to the original positions.

Construction: shall consist of two parallel, accordion-type walls of panels independently suspended with no pantographs or interconnections except at the lead-post. Panels shall be formed of 24-gauge enamel coated steel V-grooved for strength and resilience. Panels shall be connected by full height 24-gauge enamel coated steel hinges.

Suspension System: shall consist of two 14-gauge cold rolled steel (or .125 aluminum) tracks on 8" (.203) centers attached to the overhead structural support. Each lead post shall be suspended by an 8-wheel ball bearing trolley. Each panel shall be suspended by a steel hanger pin and a ball bearing roller. Lead-posts: shall be of 24-gauge cold rolled steel and shall be connected by specially formed steel panels. An internally mounted stabilizer bar shall keep lead-posts plumb and in proper alignment during operation and insure a tight fitting closure.

Perimeter Seals: shall consist of continuous extruded vinyl sweeps attached to the top and bottom of the fire door to form a smoke and draft seal.

Hanging weight shall be 5.5 pounds per square foot.

Automatic Closing System [NFPA Approved]

Operation: closing system shall consist of an electronic control box, motor operator assembly and leading edge obstruction detector. In case of fire, closing system shall be activated by the building's fire/smoke detection equipment and automatically close the Won-Door FireGuard doors. Motors shall be operated by DC power supplied from a 12-volt maintenance-free battery located in the electronic control box. Batteries shall be continuously charged by the building's electrical service and be automatically maintained at capacity.

Fire doors may be operated manually in either the conventional or emergency mode. Electronic control box shall house the microprocessor logic board, interconnect board, 12-volt maintenance-free battery, power supply charger, and motor control relays. The microprocessor shall initiate a loud audible signal should any of the following conditions arise:
1. High or low AC or DC voltage
2. Drive train malfunction
4. Limit switch or key-switch malfunction
5. ROM or RAM check-sum error

Motor Operator Assembly shall consist of a DC gear-motor, limit switch, drive sprocket and clutch. The motor shall drive the fire door by means of a chain attached to the stabilizer bar trolley. Motor operator assembly shall be located within a one (1) hour fire rated enclosure.

Leading Edge Obstruction Detector: fire doors shall be equipped with a pressure sensitive leading edge such that each contact with an obstruction shall cause the door to stop and pause before attempting to re-close. Fire doors can be manually opened at any time by pushing against the leading edge.

Exit Hardware shall be located on both sides of each fire door. In emergency mode a slight pressure on the hardware will cause the door to open a minimum of 32 inches, pause for 3 seconds, then automatically close. The hardware shall be field programmable to allow automatic opening distances of up to the entire opening width. In the conventional mode, the hardware is used to open the door and move it back into the storage pocket.


Vision Panel shall consist of frame and clear glass assembly with listings from Underwriters Laboratory up to 1½ hours. (Note: required only in smoke barriers in Group I occupancies.)

A Key switch module shall be provided. (Note: required for doors with Large Door Motor Operators and doors equipped with Access Control devices.)


Level 1 Access Control. The Exit Hardware shall not respond when pressed until activated by signal from smoke detector or fire alarm. Upgrades to the fire door for this level of access control shall include a heavy-gauge steel sliding jamb and rigid Z-shaped jamb stops. (Note: at least one key-switch required.)

Level 2 Access Control. An Electromagnetic locking clutch shall be added to the motor operator assembly to provide 400-500 pounds of resistance to manual opening. Upgrades to the fire door for this level of access control shall include a heavy-gauge steel sliding jamb, rigid Z-shaped jamb stops and 10-guage steel tube reinforcement to the lead post. (Note: at least one key-switch required.)

A Remote Control and Status Display PC Station shall continuously monitor the status and provide remote operation of up to 120 Won-Door FireGuard doors.


Colour shall be manufacturers standard #55 Platinum.

Special Colours may be selected from manufacturer's optional colours at additional cost.


Openings shall be to the dimensions specified, plumb and level. Headers shall be leveled with the finished floor within +/- 1/16"(.002) tolerance over the entire length of the opening. Inspect openings prepared for fire doors and surrounding conditions. Immediately notify the architect, in writing, of any unacceptable conditions.

NOTE: All headers, support structures, surrounding insulation, jambs, pocket doors, field painting, blocking and wood trim as required shall be furnished and installed by other sections and/or the General Contractor.

Contractor is required to supervise unloading and handling. Store boxes flat (not more than three high) in a dry area and protect from elements that may damage materials.


All FireGuard™ Doors must be installed by a factory trained and certified installer in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, who must verify that all operations are functional and meet the requirements of applicable codes and regulations for clearance and fastenings.
Note: - All warranties are null and void if outside forces are used for installation and/or service.

Upon completion of the installation, general contractor shall protect fire doors from damage and shall replace or repair subsequent damage so that doors are acceptable to the architect at no additional cost to the owner.

Warranty: All Won-Door materials shall be warranted against defects and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of substantial completion.

Call for Information on Moveable Fire Walls:

Won-Door FireGuard™ Horizontal sliding accordion-type 2-Hour moveable fire walls MFW 2 (2 hour) as manufactured by Won-Door Corporation.

FIRE RATING: Moveable fire walls shall be listed by Underwriters Laboratory as unit partition panels having a 2 hour fire-resistive rating in accordance with the requirements of UL 263 and ASTM E-119.

Won-Door FireGuard™ assemblies can be installed with U.L. listings up to 23 feet in height, without limitations on width, to enable the design professional to create the largest possible opening penetrations available in fire-resistive construction.

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