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Zap_logo_med   Model 8000 Series DC Motor-Drives
  Zap Controllers for Sectional Doors

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The SAFEST Sectional Door Drive in the World
800aroFast Action Variable Speed - Smooth Drive - Snatch-less Operation.
aroObviates Cables jumping cable drums.
aroNo Limit Switches.
aroSensitive Motor Current Sensing.
aroSuperb Safety Control.
aroSenses an obstruction on any part of the door.
aroSafe operation without a door safety edge to meet prEN12453.
aroSensitive safety stop and re-open from hand pressure.
aroStop and re-open C.E.N. Safety Control from photo beam, etc.
aroAdjustable auto-close timer.
aroOptional battery pack; Operates during main power failure.
aroRequires only single phase main power supply.
aroRemote control option with 60 code memory.
aro1 KW Flood light control - Dock lighting or three minute timer controlled.
aroRemote control of lighting without door movement.
aroTraffic light control optional interface.
aroField proven - Time tested.
britflagaroPatented British Innovation.
aroImported from Great Britain

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This patented range of DC Motor-Drive and Controllers operates without limit switches and without a safety edge. The controller provides automatic stop and re-open control if the door meets an obstruction during the close cycle. The door can be stopped by hand pressure during the close cycle, thus obviating the necessity for a safety edge.

The system obviates cables jumping the drums if any part of the door strikes an obstruction and operates without a safety edge, curly cable and their associated problems.

The system provides fast variable speed operation with an automatic speed change point calibration, just before each limit of door travel. The controller incorporates an adjustable auto-close timer and full safety control from photo-beams, etc. The system will operate for a nominal 30 hours from an optional battery back up system.

The system does not require limit switches, as the controller monitors motor current, and automatically stops the door at each limit of travel. The controller will automatically stop the motor on sensing a shoot bolt left in the locked position. This is detected without an interlock switch, by motor current sensing.

The system will operate overhead, profile lift or vertical lift sliding sectional door types. Torsion spring or counterweight balanced.

The motor is a low voltage DC motor, which can be operated from an optional battery power supply pack, during failure of the main power supply. The optional battery power packs will provide back up power for approximately 30 hours, depending upon the number of door operations. The battery back up incorporates a battery charger, which provides a constant "float" charge.

A Manual over-ride kit is incorporated, which easily enables disengagement of the drive, to allow the door to be moved by hand.

The system requires only a single phase 3 Amp main power supply. (8 Amps with lighting control).

The 8000 series of Motor-Drive Control systems are of British Design and manufacture, with patents pending and distributed in Canada by Edwards Door Systems Limited. Each product includes a low voltage DC motor, mounting brackets, hardware, a Manual over-ride kit and a versatile electronic controller, which is designed to operate varying sizes of sliding ectional industrial doors up to a nominal maximum size of 40 square metres.

The three main products:


Up to 18 square meters
2 mtrs
4.5 mtrs
Optional remote control module.
Up to 18 square meters
2 mtrs
4.5 mtrs
Built-in remote control receiver.
Two vehicle loop detector sockets.
Up to 36 square meters
3 mtrs
7 mtrs
Optional remote control module.
Up to 40 square meters
3 mtrs
 7 mtrs
Optional remote control module.
Optional battery back-up units available for all models.

Preventative Maintenance Program

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