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Non-Impact Stationary Mount Restraint serco_restr_title
Tough, dependable performance
Serco SL2060 vehicle restraints are constructed out of ½" thick high-tensile galvanized steel for extra strength and durability. The stationary, non-impact, low-profile restraint can be mounted on the drive or to the foundation wall and is designed to withstand over 32,000 lbs. of pull-out force. Serco's patented dual locking positions restrict trailer movement and will safely engage almost all rear impact guard configurations; even the newer, lower rear impact guard outlined in the 1998 NHTSA regulations.

aroAutomatic push-button activation
aroProgrammable dedicated controller (PDC)
aroAdvanced communication package
aroLow-profile, non-impact design
aro12-30" vertical range
aro7-11" horizontal range from face of bumpers
aro32,000 lbs. restraining capacity
aro½" high tensile galvanized steel construction
aroDriveway or wall mount capability
aroAdvanced safe engagement signaling
aroMeets 1998 NHTSA rear impact guard bar regulations

Additional Features:
aroLow-maintenance design
aro24 volt liner actuator
aroAuto reverse (if no ICC bar)
aroAuxiliary power-down
aroOne-shot override auto reset
aroTrailer presence sensor wand (SL2070)
aroAutomatic rear impact guard engagement (SL2080)

Serco Hydraulic Pit-Mounted Truck Restraints with Retractable Hook to Prevent Accidental Damage

A breakthrough in vehicle restraints
A hydraulic, pit-mounted, retractable restraint system, the SLP 2000 is ideally suited for new construction applications. In colder northern climates, the retracted hook is protected from snow and ice build-up, which can impede the operation of some externally mounted restraints. This also means no obstruction to (or accidental damage from) snow removal equipment or ground-level forklift to dock height operations.

Serco engineering — Serco quality
Like all Serco SL Series restraints, the SLP2000 is a precision engineered, remote controlled, non-impact design offering unmatched performance, providing a minimum restraining force of 32,000 lbs. and featuring high strength self-lubricating bushings to ensure maximum life and minimal maintenance. Positioning is controlled and maintained by a hydraulic power unit.

The safe, sure alternative
When activated, the Serco SLP extends its restraining arm from the pit under hydraulic power at a height which allows access to lower rear impact guards (approximately 8") not accessible by other systems. The restraining arm moves vertically - up to 30" - controlled by a programmable controller to sense positive engagement of the rear impact guard. If no rear impact guard contact is made, the SLP automatically restores itself and signals the dock attendant by flashing an amber warning light on the control panel. Once the hook is successfully engaged, the SLP restraint floats with the vertical movement of the trailer, maintaining positive engagement with the rear impact guard throughout the loading and unloading process. When stored, the restraint retracts fully into the dock face.

Once the hook is successfully engaged, the restraining arm automatically follows the vertical movement of the rear impact guard as the trailer is loaded or unloaded, maintaining positive engagement throughout the loading and unloading process.

Serco Industrial Integrated Master Safety Control Panels for Docks and Doors - Dock Barriers and Safety Equipment

Automatic Controlled Safety Features:

Automatic Control Panel with Red Instant Stop Emergency Button Cutting Power to all Functions - Freezing all Positions

SERCO: The Cost Effective, Safe Solution
  1. Save field electrical labor and hard wiring costs
  2. Eliminate additional electrical disconnect costs for various equipment
  3. Optimize wall space in confined areas
  4. Dock products can be safely interlocked to require proper use in sequence. Dock management logic is simple and safe.
  5. Maintenance is simplified. Trouble-shooting is easy with real time computer controlled diagnostics. Dock intelligence is not limited to today's technology. As information and communications need to improve, it is easy to upgrade your dock management logic by having Serco upgrade and reprogram your computer chip. Scheduling of maintenance is at regular time intervals or equipment cycles or can be custom designed to meet specific application needs prior to installation.
Preventative Maintenance Program

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