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Insect Control Barriers
Automatic Insect Control Barriers
Solutions to your Loading Dock Needs

Guard your Loading Docks with the
Flexon Bull-Dog

Insect Control Barriers

"Bulldog Tough . . . Kid Simple!"

For more than 30 years, FLEXON has specialized in loading dock equipment designed to: increase productivity; reduce costly energy consumption; facilitate materials flow; enhance employee safety; and, decrease overall maintenance expenditures.

Unique engineering design; extensive research and development; innovative use of new technologies; superior craftsmanship; and, a willingness to respond to individual customer needs has enabled FLEXON by EDWARDS to become the quality standard by which all other products must be compared.

  • Industrial grade nylon-mesh screen
  • Helps to prevent airborne contaminants
  • Promote air circulation
  • Mildew resistant fabric
  • Three designs to choose from
  • Low-profile roll tube mounting brackets

For further information, specifications and technical details please contact Edwards Door Systems Limited - 1-888-786-5623. Cont btn

Insect Control Barriers

Weathershield® Insect Control Barrier Systems are heavy-duty, industrial grade nylon-mesh screens designed to be used on loading dock doors; dumpster doors; ground-level doors; and, other openings where sanitation is desired. As a physical barrier, they help to prevent airborne contaminants (i.e. insects; birds; etc.) from entering the building, while helping to promote air circulation in areas where adequate ventilation is desired.

11Barrier systems consist of a patented high-strength, vinyl-coated polyester weave fabric that won't trap heat, yet permits maximum air flow. Light stabilizing agents in the curtain material help to resist fading, thereby allowing the colours to remain vibrant for up to 5 years.

Special antiseptic additives prevent unsightly mildew growth on the fabric and help to resist rotting and decay. A soil-resistant treatment is used so that when required, most dirt can be removed by scrubbing with a mild soap and warm water.

In addition, the self-extinguishing fabric material is fire retardant and conforms to the CFS Fire Marshal's Code; Bulletin 17 - Class #1 for maximum personnel safety.

Weathershield® Insect Control Barriers are available in a choice of three designs; an automatic roll-up style; a manual rollup style; and, a manual sliding style.

Insect Control Automatic Roll-up Barrier

The Automatic Roll-up Barrier uses an economical, motorized system to raise and lower the curtain panel for ease of operation.

*Note: For additional colours, please contact an EDWARDS representative.

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Control your Loading Dock Bugs --There is a better way!

Insect Control Manual Roll-up Barrier

The manually-operated roll-up barrier features a spring-loaded galvanized steel roller tube and is designed for door sizes up to 10'0"w x 10'0"h.

Installation can be:
under lintel (Standard);
face-mount; or,
inside of overhead door stand-off.

Standard Features Insect Control Sliding Barrier Curtain

When insect and pest control is desired in any door opening, the sliding barrier is well suited for providing air ventilation at an affordable price.

Designed to either slide to one side (Standard) or bi-part if required, the sliding barrier has been designed and built with simplicity and ease of operation in mind.

Standard Features Preventative Maintenance Program

Please contact us for further information, specifications and architectural details.
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