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Ram Guard Safety Barriers   Ram Guard Safety Barriers

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Fortified Impact Gate System
Fortified - Impact Hardened - Structurally Strenghthened Gate System with Spring-Loaded Locking Mechanisms
The patented Fortified Impact Gate System, [F.I.G.S.] provides a fortified--hardened--strengthened gate which, upon impact, and when engaged with pre-cast concrete anchors forms a virtually impenetrable entry system against non-armored, non-tracked vehicles. All components of the patented system-gate, fortifying member consisting of a structural steel tube with one of more cables, concrete anchors, and spring-loaded locking mechanism - work in unison to restrain and limit penetration to a predetermined, acceptable level.

The purpose of this system is to deter potential threats to real property and personnel. That threat is determined by defining the mass of the vehicle to be deterred, the velocity that the vehicle will be traveling at impact with the fortified gate and the allowable displacement distance upon impact.

Numerous applications can be addressed utilizing this system. It can be used with horizontal slide gates such as cantilever slide and overhead slide gates or vertical lift gates. F.I.G.S. can be incorporated with new gates or retrofitted to existing gate installations.

F.I.G.S. is supported by a computer program that models the system and analyzes the performance characteristics required.

Shipping/Loading Dock Safety Barriers
Ram Guard Safety BarriersStop Forced Entries at Truck Loading Dock Doors!

Ram Guard Barriers designed to meet your requirements.
Protect your property against smash and grab break-ins with an affordable and effective solution.
For commercial and retail applications, warehousing. Stores easily and safely.

Anti-Theft Parking Barriers
McKeon Barrier Safety Grilles - Eliminates Car Theft Provides Physical Security and Reduces Vandalism
Protect your personnel with the McKeon Barrier-Grille. It not only eliminates car theft, but also provides physical security for personnel and dramatically reduces vandalism. The barrier-grille prevents the unauthorized removal of vehicles from indoor parking garages, professional buildings, apartment buildings and/or hospitals.

Preventative Maintenance Program

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