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Rytec Freezer Door
Model - FF6RGS -
Fast-Fold® Clear View Freezer Door

High-Speed Fast-Fold Freezer Door - Insulated Head and Side Frames with Clear Vision Sealed Panel Assembly


High-Speed Folding Door - The Reliable Cold Remedy!

The Fast-Fold Freezer door literally gave birth to the idea of high-speed doors in cold storage environments.

Performance Leader with Innovative Engineering and custom designs for long term satisfactory performance.

It was the first to be used in cooler and freezer applications, and its time-tested durability and dependability have made it the best-selling high-speed door in the cold storage market.

Your choice of three different defrost systems assures your Fast-Fold Freezer door will remain virtually frost free, whatever the nature of your cold storage application.

aroFast – Opens at 7 feet per second.
aroSafe – Offers full visibility.
aroEnergy-Efficient – Insulated head and side frames, along with sealed panel assembly, combine with fast open and closing speeds to reduce energy loss.
aroFrost Free – Effective defrost systems help reduce frost build-up.
aroDurable - Low Maintenance.Lasts millions of cycles with minimal maintenance.
aroTakes a Hit – Break-Away™ panels withstand fork truck impact without damage or any interruption of service.

IInstallation and Excellence in Design and Manufacturing is our Way of Life!

Door Seal
Inner door panels held together by Velcro™ seams. Outer panels heat-welded. Optional overlapping panels with rope tie connectors available.

Roller Track
Rytec-Roller-PivotRoller track is constructed of cold-formed alloy steel, integrally-mounted to the face of a 6 inch structural channel.

Ryflex™ floating rollers pivot up to 7° to continually maintain contact with the track, reducing wear and tear. Model GS (1-7/8 inch) rollers standard. Options available.
Roller System
Door equipped with Tec-Track™ I roller system with minimum of 16 model GS 1-7/8 inch Ryflex™ floating rollers. Roller assembly deflects up to 7 degrees in the vertical plane in order to maintain full roller surface bearing contact with track. Door has a minimum of 7.12 inches of constant roller surface bearing contact. Rollers are carburized, hardened and fully sealed with ball bearings. Optional G and BFGS roller sizes available.

Side Frames
Side frames and covers made of 16 gauge galvanized sheet metal welded to structural angle. All exposed metal surfaces primed and painted. Door fully modular with no welding required for installation.

Defrost System

Electrical Defrost System for High-Speed Folding Doors
Three defrost systems available:
  1. Patented Tec-Light™ system,
  2. Tec-Lights with unheated blower
  3. Heated blower system.
Defrost Systems
Three different defrost systems are available to satisfy the vast majority of freezer applications. The systems help minimize frost build-up & maintain full visibility.

Electrical Controls
System 3™ controller is housed in a NEMA 4 rated enclosure with factory-set parameters.

Programmable Controllers
Self-diagnostic features and a two-line, 32-character LCD display provide quick and straight forward installation and control adjustments.
Programmable inputs and outputs accommodate special control applications without additional electrical components. Three phase fusible disconnect is standard.

One-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. One year limited warranty on door track and roller system. Ten-year warranty on door track and roller system with BFGS hardware.

Arctec™ High-Speed Sliding Door
High Speed and Insulated - It’s the One-Door Cold Storage Solution.
Now with an R-value of 12

The new Arctec door combines the insulating qualities of traditional, rigid cold storage doors with all the benefits of high-speed doors. It’s fast, it’s durable and it’s engineered to withstand the impact of a forklift.

So with one door, you can increase operational efficiency during work hours and save energy at all hours, while reducing door maintenance.

The Arctec’s rugged panels are made of closed-cell foam insulation and therefore will not wick moisture. That, along with its full-perimeter seal and heated jamb seals, eliminates both the need and expense of a separate defrost system.

aroFast – Opens at up to 7 feet per second for improved traffic flow.
aroTakes a Hit – A pivoting carriage assembly and UHMW retention blocks allow the door to break away upon impact, saving wear and tear on the door track and panels.
aroSaves Space – Projects only 16 inches off the wall – saving valuable freezer space.

Tight and Energy-Efficient Patented Design Requires no panel defrost system!

Door Track
Integral aluminum track keeps panel off the ground when door opens and closes, reducing wear. Track’s center “step down” drops panel in place – effectively securing full-perimeter seal.

Each carriage features six urethane rollers for smooth, durable operation. Panel carriage pivots to maintain roller surface contact and minimize damage in the event the door is impacted by a forklift.

Travel Speed
Variable-speed AC Drive is pre-set at the factory to open door at up to 7 feet per second and close at 3-1/2 feet per second.

Modular, aluminum extruded track features pivoting carriage assembly, which allows door to withstand the impact of a forklift.

Dual Interlocking Centre Seal Assembly with Closed Cell Foam Panels for Bi-Parting Cooler and Freezer Doors
Center Seal
Dual interlocking seals and closed-cell foam panels minimize warm air infiltration and help eliminate the need for a panel defrost system.

Door Seal
Dual leading edge and bottom seals, coupled with heated, dual header and jamb seals, provide for a tight, effective, full-perimeter closure. Seal assemblies slide in and out for easy replacement.

Standard Size
Up to 10 feet wide and 16 feet high.

Defrost System
Panel defrost system is NOT required. Closed heat system located in the head assembly recirculates air and does not introduce warm air into the freezer. (Required on cold side mounts only!)

Modular design for fast and easy installation, no welding required. One-piece, extruded aluminum head assembly is fully insulated and pre-wired and tested at factory.

Electrical Controls
System 3™ controller is housed in a NEMA 4 rated enclosure with factory set parameters. Self-diagnostic features and a two-line, 32-character LCD display

Factory Guaranteed One-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship.

Fast acting, energy efficient Clark doors help clients save money on energy costs and door maintenance by getting doors opened quickly and closed securely against long-lasting adjustable seals. Clark cold storage, industrial and clean-room doors are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy duty service. Cold Storage Doors are insulated and re-inforced with a core of foamed-in-place urethane offering strength and high thermal and sound insulating values. Panels are manufactured to meet USDA, MID and Department of Agriculture requirements.

The world’s first combination cold storage and fire door approved by Underwriters Laboratories was a Clark Door innovation. The company currently manufactures approved fire doors for other applications as well as doors for explosion-proof environments and sound doors with STC values to 45.

Clark Stainless Steel
Cold Storage Doors
Clark Automatic
Cold Storage Doors

Confident in our ability to develop cost-efficient answers to specific client needs.

Clark Walk-In
Cooler Doors

For more than 100 years, Clark Doors has been solving the special requirements of its customers with innovative and efficient solutions for cold storage, industrial and specialty applications. Our company is proud that today, Clark Doors are in daily use in more than 80 countries world-wide, some offering trouble free service for more than 50 years.

Versatility, reliability and value is the hallmark of Clark Door. We have successfully constructed a range of doorway solutions that effectively meet the high standards for efficient material handling set by exacting users such as food processing, pharmaceutical, sound proofing, temperature and humidity controlled warehousing.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Please contact us for technical information, specifications and engineering details.
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