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vm-northsideBMVISTAMATIC® installed at
Northside Bone Marrow Hospital, Atlanta, GA

VISTAMATIC® glazed secure vision panels are in use in hundreds of hospitals and medical establishments throughout the world. The rugged, though simple, design offers absolute reliability together with a Lifetime Warranty*.

With a wide range of design formats and glazing options architects, designers and door manufacturers are assured of finding a product for the most demanding project.
From the Rush University Hospital, Chicago, USA to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London, UK to the Saad Hospital in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia our panels are used by the best hospitals and medical institutions for private observation throughout the world.

Standard Vistamatic® vision panels are manufactured to meet the international safety glazing standard including CPSC 16 CFR 1201, the Canadian safety glazing standard CAN/CGSB-12.1 and the American national Standard, ANSI Z97.1

Additional security protection is available on all Vistamatic® models with the application of 3M Scotchshield Ultra High Performance Safety and Security Window Film.

Vistamatic® products have undergone Fire Testing by UL for 20 and 45 Minute (see accreditations)

Panels can be manufactured using a variety of glass options, some of which are, Pyroguard C730 clear, Pilkington 10mm Pyrodur and Securiglass 3/4" Pyrosec which is ideal for security establishments. High specification panels for installation into X-ray suites or laser surgery units are available to order.

The primary role of hospitals is to provide medical support for the community and provide a safe and secure working environment for patients, medical professionals and visitors. In addition to enabling private observation, the provision of Vistamatic® vision panels should significantly reduce the opportunity for crime or disruption.
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vm-UTSAVISTAMATIC® installed at
Univ. of Texas, San Antonio

Glazed secure vision panels are typically seen within hospital environments. They provide discreet observation without disturbance – hence this architectural solution has totally changed what a door can deliver in terms of privacy and security.

In addition to the safety and security benefits that VISTAMATIC® glazed secure vision panels bring to schools and colleges, they also permit discreet observation of the classroom or the examination room where unannounced entry at inconvenient times could cause unnecessary disruption to pupils. Schools and teaching institutions are compelled to consider the general security of both staff and pupils and the monitoring of such environments by way of natural surveillance helps to eliminate both the risk and threat of crime.

The feedback we receive from schools and colleges is that they are increasingly reliant on low-tech security products, such as vision panels, in order to guarantee that the general welfare of students, staff and visitors is taken into consideration.
For the University of Texas, San Antonio (UTSA), we supplied Max and Super Max panels for installation in their University administration offices. According to the VP of Administration, the contract was awarded due to the versatility, style and size of the panels which were custom made to fit a larger than average 48” space.

The installation of Vistamatic vision panels can help establish and maintain a safe and secure environment in schools with an objective to reduce the opportunity for crime and anti social behavior and reduce the fear of crime. Safety and security are essential to an environment, which allows quality teaching and learning.
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vm-securityVISTAMATIC® Chieftain Glazed Secure Vision Panel

Faced with a wide range of products it is often difficult to know how effective they are. It is true to say that given time and with sophisticated power tools or inside information security may eventually be beaten.

Good prevention denies the use of normally available tools, increases the risk for the thief perhaps by increasing the noise, effort and time to steal, or reduces the value to the thief.

Discreet and Natural Surveillance

The simple design of VISTAMATIC® vision panels makes them ideal for applications where observation of potentially hostile or dangerous individuals is required. The security sector assumes an even greater role in society in these times of terrorism and violent crime. Depending on the security risk, we are able to substitute our standard range of safety glass, with a choice of high integrity safety glasses in areas where resistance to manual attack is required.

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vm-CritchleyVistamatic Critchley Residential Door

Allowing you to safely and discreetly check the identity of a caller before you decide whether or not to open the door may prevent you becoming a victim of a bogus caller.

The new VISTAMATIC® X (PCT/GB2007/00215) glazed secure vision panel is not only designed to lower the risk of doorstep crime but also helps eliminate it.
Glazed secure vision panels offer the perfect alternative to traditional peephole devices. The Vistamatic® X may prove of particular benefit to persons who, for whatever reason, may have difficulty in using a traditional door viewer.
Ideally suited to assist the elderly, infirm and those in sheltered housing or those unfortunate enough to live in areas affected by anti social behavior, the Vistamatic® X can help combat the fear of crime and offer peace of mind from behind a closed door.

Each panel is manufactured using 3 panes of glass, 2 x ¼” laminated glass to both the exterior and interior side housing a moving central pane of 1/5” annealed glass. All Vistamatic® products carry a Lifetime Warranty*.

“Effective discreet surveillance should be a core part of planning out crime”.
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vm-commBanks, airports, retail and commercial establishments can benefit from the installation of Vistamatic® glazed secure vision panels.

With the introduction of a Vistamatic® vision panel staff can passively monitor situations within a private area or room. Members of staff within a room can also obtain clear views to an outside area to control access.

Vistamatic® combines innovation with the highest quality of international manufacturing to provide a unique glazing product that can be made according to specification.

The perfect solution for discreet monitoring and observation Vistamatic® vision panels have an unobtrusive design that effortlessly lends itself to be used in a variety of architectural interiors. In many environments, the need for security with visual control would be managed with the assistance of electronic technology.

However, such measures are not without their problems, associated costs, maintenance fees, susceptibility to vandalism, obsolesce and the list goes on.

Consider with this the march of progress, remembering that as soon as technology is current, it fast passes into obsolescence.
Controlling an environment with cameras, monitors and recording equipment is effective and foolproof; however, there are a number of considerations that make this type of measure inappropriate and expensive.

A far simpler way of tackling the issue of security with visual observation whilst maintaining the dignity of the individual can be achieved by using Vistamatic® Glazed Secure Vision Panels.

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