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Industrial Hi-Tec Specialty DoorsFabric Hoist-up doors are used in buildings with large opening dimensions and where environment and climate put great demands on the door, e.g. aircraft hangars, shipyards, timber seasoning building and mines.

The door is made of two cloths folding in opposite directions. Fabric sections are fastened to
horizontal supports (aluminum or steel). The fabric is of reinforced polyester and is UV-stabilized, has low ignitability (fulfilling the demands of standard BS5438), temperature resistant from + 70ºC to -35ºC as per DIN 53361, weight 700-1100 g/m². The reinforced lower bottom bar is made of steel.
Shown above - Series 270 Vertical Lift Fabric Hoist-Up Door with reinforced polyester fabric -
Exterior Mounted 12.0 m x 25.0 m

The Giant Series can have a lower section consisting of a personnel door, a forklift door and windows. The estimated K-value of the door surface is 1,8 W/m²K. Wind load min. 0,7 Kn/m² or as per local weather conditions.

Industrial clients requiring oversize doors with a high degree of reliability, quality and customer service -
for sales information and details please contact Edwards Door Systems Limited - 1-888-786-5623.

mock-3Due to the patented design, load arrestors are unnecessary in these doors. Lifting cables are polyester straps or steel cables.

The cables do not touch the fabric, so wearing is prevented with our patented solution.

Shown at right: Series 270 Vertical Lift Fabric Hoist-Up Door - Three sections each 47.1 m x 5.6 m with two spacing columns

Control cables are often used in doors with more than 15 m width (patented solution). Regardless of the number of lifting cables, the position of the door does not change even if a cable breaks.

The control cables keeps the door in a horizontal position despite the number of lifting cables or their location in the lower bar.

All doors engineered and designed in accordance with our manufacturer's standards of design and fabrication, and approved shop drawings.

The spacing columns where required are either laterally movable or lifting. Usually they are made of extruded aluminum and used for wide, non-rectangular doorways (e.g. aircraft hangars, tail doors and passages of overhead cranes).

mock-4Giant Series

Fabric sections are fastened to horizontal aluminum supports with aluminum laths.

Shown at right: Series 290 Vertical Lift Fabric Hoist-Up Door - Five sections ea- 68.0 m x 23.8 m with four spacing columns + Tail Door

aroThe fabric is made of heavy duty vinyl coated reinforced polyester.
aroTotal weight 900 g/m².
aroTear resistance 800/750 N, according DIN 53356 or SFS 3981 - Adhesion 100 N/5 cm.
aroTensile strength 4000/4000 N/5 cm, according DIN 53354 or SFS 2983.
aroTemperature resistance +70°C - 35°C
aroFlame retardancy SIS 650082, BS 5438, M2, DIN 4102
aroSpecial characteristics: Lacquered, material is UV, mildew and rot resistant.

Please call for detailed information regarding weights, alternatives, optional electrical controls, engineering design and planning standards.

Door Types
aroSeries 100
aroSeries 170
aroSeries 270
aroSeries 290
aroGiant Series
aroDoors with Spacing Columns

Maximum opening sizes
8 m x 8 m
15 m x 20 m
20 m x 25 m
23 m x 24 m
45 m x 24 m
width - no limit; height - 25 m

Larger Sizes available on request.
Series 290 Vertical Lift Fabric Hoist-Up Door - One section 23.0 m x 15.4 m - Vancouver Shipyards - Vancouver BC
NB: Specifications vary by door size and series.

The most important feature in operating a fabric hoist-up door is that the door always stays in an exact horizontal position, even after many years of extensive use.

To maintain this horizontal state even after several years in operation, the condition of the cross-linked steel ropes is electronically controlled and very easy to adjust or tighten.

The cross-linked steel ropes guaranteeing an always horizontal operation of the specified doors was
developed and patented more than 15 years ago (German patent Nr. 32 48 083, München 03.02.1994).

Minimal maintenance creates an operational economy for the installation of fabric hoist-up doors!

For technical Information and quotations please e-mail:

Preventative Facility Maintenance Programs available!

Please contact us for CAD drawings specifications and architectural details.
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