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Pow"Air" Door Operator 

Pneumatic Door Operating System

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Edwards Door Systems Limited - 1-888-786-5623.

powair1nyst2aroRust-proof Stainless Steel Shaft and components.
aroGrease packed bronze bushing; self lubricating with no ball bearings to rust.
aroCorrosion resistant Nylon wheel; virtually noiseless operation.
aroReplaceable shaft and wheels.
aroExceptional durability for ultra high cycle service applications with life cycle frequencies of well over 250,000 cycles.

Pow'AIR'Dor Pneumatic Door Operators offer the most technologically advanced door operating system in the door industry. All operations are programmed and controlled by a Programmable Logic Control Device thus minimizing the need for relays. A variety of safety features are also incorporated into to the system.

Ideal for, but not limited to, corrosive, acidic, caustic, ultra high cycle, or "explosion proof" environments in industries such as:
Automatic Car Washes ~ Paint ~ Chemical ~ Mining ~ Petroleum
Transportation ~ Vehicle Maintenance ~ Warehouses ~ Agriculture

aroBuilt-in instant safety reverse
aroMeets "explosion proof" area specifications, low voltage controls.
aroAdjustable speeds and adjustable air cushion.
aroSafely handles large door sizes.

aroCorrosion resistant, Designed for ultra high cycle service.
aroMinimum maintenance even in harsh environments.
aroNo cable jumping with Trolley model or Jackshaft models!
aroOne moving part, virtually eliminates maintenance, no motors, chains, or bearings to break down.

aroProgrammable Logic Control automation of open, close and safety functions, and can be monitored remotely via modem.

Integrated System
aroSelf diagnostic, function verification.
aroSignificantly improved reliability and operating flexibility compared to circuit board systems.
aroNeeds of customer and operating environment are met through integrated design of operator, door and hardware.

Quotation, specifications, Technical and After Sales drawings and full warranty included.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Please contact us for technical information, specifications and engineering details.
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