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custom2 Custom Fabricated Doors and Panels
Engineering and Design Our wide range of products and a strong tradition of custom engineering have demanded a high level of technological expertise in materials and prevailing manufacturing processes. Innovative thinking, backed by years of experience has allowed us to be first in the field with many specialty products and materials.

All custom doors are designed to meet your specific functional and dimensional access requirements, with complete installation services provided by our forces.

Air Handling System Silencers

To ensure quiet Air Handling Systems we offer duct silencers accurately rated for acoustic performance. IAC have developed silencer Dynamic Insertion Loss and Self-Noise ratings both under Forward Flow(+) and Reverse Flow (-) conditions for rectangular and also cylindrical silencers. Forward Flow occurs when air and sound-waves travel in the same direction, as in an air-conditioning supply system or a fan discharge. Reverse Flow occurs when sound-waves and air travel in opposing directions, as in a typical return-air system.

Sound Panels

Transportation noise is the most pervasive pollution in the environment today. This custom cladding system addresses the needs of the acoustic and engineering community to abate transportation noise.
IAC custom products are designed to be economical, durable and architecturally attractive. A full range of products in a variety of materials is available.

Please contact us for labelling information, specifications and architectural details.
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