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EPD-VL1rVertical lift doors are engineered by EPD to last the life of the building. Our vertical acting doors are used on large equipment maintenance facilities serving mining operations throughout the world. Heavy-Duty Industrial Vertical Lift doors stand up to high wind loads and extreme environmental conditions.

All vertical lift designs are available in single panel or multiple panel configurations to suit your project requirements and include a revolutionary lifting cable safety device in each door panel of multi-section vertical lift assemblies. The safety devices are electrically connected to the door's control panel and prevent powered operation of the door whenever any abnormal condition is detected in the lifting cables. Our safety catching device has been factory tested multiple times and the tests have been verified by an independent testing laboratory.
"Engineering in motion!"

EDWARDS POWER DOOR CANADA will design door products to fit your needs with special applications to provide protection from various weather conditions, security needs, and other client-specified project requirements.

EPD uses heavy gauge sheeting on the door panels with counterweighted, structural steel framing - 14-gauge exterior/16-gauge interior steel cladding.

Our design staff has developed proprietary latching systems and high security locking systems. These items are increasingly necessary as more doors need to be adapted for increased security applications.

Electric control panel assemblies are UL® Listed and designed to meet UL®325 safety standards.

Heavy Duty vertical lift doors can be designed to withstand high wind loads, earthquakes, hurricanes and abrasive environments. EPD is known for manufacturing the most durable doors in the industrial specialty door marketplace. Doors that are designed and made to last the life of your building.

EPD-VL4Our custom line of door products can also accommodate your building design including vertical fully glazed doors with glazed entrance doors and exit hardware.

Our engineering staff can design various doors to suit unusual operating conditions or space restrictions in your building design,

We can also provide a complete range of Blast Resistant doors and hardware in various configurations,

We will honor our commitment to provide high quality products that meet or exceed your expectations and willingly respond to the challenging requirements and expectations of our clients and end-users, with superior service and innovative high-quality products.

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Industrial Sliding Doors

Sliding doors -- interior or exterior mounted to meet your security requirements, engineering specifications and building design.

EPD-SL3Industrial bottom rolling, top-guided sliding doors, provided with a floor rail are designed to accommodate large mining equipment, as well as aircraft hanger doors designed to meet all wind-loading requirements.

Our engineering designs include a wide variety of doors for military or governmental use, most commonly for security applications.

Shown at right - EPD Top Hung- Electrically Operated - Bi-Parting, Industrial Steel Sliding Door NASA, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Heavy duty EPD sliding doors are available in many configurations to fit your building design, equipment, or vehicle movement needs. Structural steel framed panels are covered with 14-gauge flat, hot-rolled steel sheeting.

Single panel or single leaf Uni-Directional, Sally Port Doors - Multiple leaf doors with panels traveling in each direction - Bi-parting doors - Floating door groups - Bars, grilles, mesh, and louvers to provide daylight and ventilation while maintaining security.

Pre-wired and UL® labeled control panel assemblies with all the required control stations are provided for each project according to the specified requirements

Oversize top hung sliding doors as shown above are available -- provided with a box or S-beam track, with structural steel framing to meet all building codes, delivering long service life with minimum maintenance. Engineered and designed to meet your project requirements with electric gear motor and roller chain drive, including sprockets and a disconnect system used for manual operation.

Industrial Specialty Doors

EPD-Sliding1EPD designs and manufactures a wide variety of doors for military or governmental use, most commonly for security applications.

Each specialty door is customized to match the design and function of the building. Design options may include various special features such as crash resistance, ballistic resistance, blast resistance and shielding. Locking devices including blast resistant hardware, are customized based on the requirements of those utilizing each facility.

Heavy duty EPD sliding doors are available in many configurations to fit your building design, equipment or vehicle movement needs.

EPD 3 Section Vertical Lift Door
with multiple pedestrian egress doors.
Vertical Lift Doors With Pedestrian Doors

2 panel Vertical Lift Door with a pair of Pedestrian Doors for emergency egress, San Jose Convention Center.
Convention Center Food Service Application
Vertical Lift Doors can be used in various applications. This 1 panel Vertical Lift door was used as a security store front for a food service facility at the Washington, DC Convention Center.

EPD-SlidingEPD doors can have a variety of custom designed panels to make them match the design of any building, fabricated by skilled craftsman:

aroFlat or pre-formed steel
aroBars or round rods
aroSecurity mesh
aroBullet resistant panels
aroVision lights.
ELECTRIC POWER DOOR for guaranteed integrity in design, manufacturing & Engineering in motion!", including an R & D department unparalleled in the door industry, constantly seeking new door solutions!

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Edwards Door Systems Limited - 1-888-786-5623.

Nergeco High Speed Flexible Door
Enduro Flexible
High-Speed Door

Enduro Flexible
High-Speed Door

Nergeco-DuraFoldLarge, vertical folding door ideal for exterior applications where extreme high-pressure or high-wind applications are a concern.

Two-ply insulated panel available for maximum thermal separation.
Unique vertical-folding design, ideal for exterior applications, high-pressure or high-wind applications.

Flexible High Speed Doors with Patented Vertical Folding Design Incorporating Horizontal Stiffeners and Panel Guides

Opening/Closing Speed
aroUp to 48" per second
aroOpen five times faster than conventional overhead doors allowing unimpeded traffic flow.
aroThru-beam sensors and vision panels capable of providing full-width visibility.

aroUp to 36' x 36'.
aroCustom oversize doors available.

Patented soft-bottom edge technology, reduces damage to vehicles if accidentally impacted and prevents damage to the door.

Multiple lifting straps, patented vertical-folding design, and a panel design incorporating horizontal stiffeners and patented panel guides to provide excellent wind resistance.

Also available on the door are two sets of thru-beam photo sensors and a NEMA 4X control panel.

Options include vision panels capable of providing full width visibility, two-ply insulated panel for maximum thermal separation, and a choice between 12 curtain colors.

Patented automatic panel reinsertion system on the rolling door models allow the door panels to breakout upon impact and then automatically reinsert into the side guides on the next operating cycle.

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Preventative Facility Maintenance Programs Available!

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