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Sectional Overhead Air powered operatorsDual cylinder/piston assembly mounted to the door track.pneuop
The air valve and regulator located between your compressor and operator directs air to either the open or the close cylinder which pushes the piston/rod assembly down. The drive chain is attached to the top of each piston rod and loops over the sprocket on the doors torsion shaft. On the “open” signal, compressed air drives the open piston/rod downward. The chain rotates the sprocket, which rotates the torsion shaft. The door responds with a smooth, fast motion to the open position. On the “down” signal the door returns to the close position with a cushiony stop, preventing cable spooling and unwanted door jerking resulting in smooth speed and reliability.
Air-powered operators cycle door three times faster than electric openers decreasing cycle time and energy costs. Opener accelerates and decelerates at the beginning and end of each cycle providing smooth. Trouble free operation of your door.
Long Life
Air-powered openers are designed and rated for millions of cycles ensuring years of reliable operation in the toughest car or truck wash areas.
Low Maintenance

Enhanced design minimizes routine maintenance and periodic service, resulting in lower annual repair and service costs.

High Speed Sliding Door Operators are available in both electric and pneumatic versions.
Capable of speeds of 48" per second on a door weighing over 1,200 pounds, the Cheetah and Falcon reestablish the speed to weight parameters. At the heart of these high speed operators is a state-of-the-art, completely programmable controller for the Cheetah and logic control manifold for the Falcon. These proprietary circuits allow for simple adjustments for rates of speed, opening, closing and ramping.
The Cheetah in electric and Falcon in pneumatic set the industry standard for weight versus rate of speed. Galvanized standard, stainless steel optional.

The first Nema #7i intrinsically safe explosion proof operator to pass U.L. tests and to obtain a U.L. listing.
The Cheetah High Speed Operator was the first to obtain both U.L. Listing and F.M. approval for Nema #12 .
The "Falcon" Pnuematic High Speed Operator with Logic Control Manifolding is an industry first as well.

Preventative Maintenance Program Available

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