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Creativity, style, quality ...

designed to suit any application and architectural style.

EPD doors have stood the test of time for over 80 years and new products are constantly being developed to meet our customers' needs.

Custom pivot doors - Atlanta Botanical Gardens.


Custom Architectural Treatment
of the Door Panels
The City of Industry Fire Station #118 in Los Angeles California used custom wood cladding and window framing on the 6 EPD four fold doors to match the other architectural treatments on Windows and Doors in their new facility. The doors are operated by EPD's over-head electric twin gearbox operators.


Swing Doors added to a fully Glazed EPD Vertical Lift Door
Liberty Place
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

EPD products can make your Door Problems Disappear
Disappear1  Disappear2  Disappear3
A custom designed EPD four fold door is used to conceal the entrance to the freight loading dock on the new Downtown Minneapolis Library.

Vertical Drop Doors can be functional in the raised and lowered positions.

The primary advantage of a vertical drop door is the immediate security barrier it provides whenever the door is raised.

The pictured bronze clad door for BVLGARI jewelers is lowered into a pit below the sidewalk making it invisible during normal shopping hours.

A custom EPD hydraulic operating system raises the door whenever the store is closed to provide an architecturally pleasing security barrier.

Swing & Pivot Doors provide unique solutions for special applications.

In some instances the visual presence of a door is not desired. EPD can camouflage the door with cladding that matches the surrounding structure.

The small joint lines of the doors almost disappear to yield a very clean looking "wall that operates".

Personnel doors are commonly added to EPD's vertical lift doors used in convention centers.
This vertical lift door at the Liberty Place in Philadelphia, PA. is used to bring cars, boats, and other oversized materials into the mall area of the multi-tenant building. When the vertical lift door is closed, the egress doors in the lower panel appear to blend into the building's architectural facade and the vertical lift door "disappears".

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