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  1. Bolar Foot grilles:
    To supply and install to location and sizes Bolar foot grilles manufactured under a quality system, model: AB-2
  2. Contact EDWARDS DOOR SYSTEMS LIMITED for further product information and/or quotations at - 1-888-786-5623 ~ Sarnia ~ London ~ Toronto
  3. All aluminum components shall be extruded aluminum alloy 6061-T6
  4. Deflection under live load:
    The foot grilles shall be so conceived so as to accept a minimum uniform load of 120 Newton applied over a 4" (100mm) square surface in order to obtain a 1/180" deflection over a 2'-0" (610 mm) span.
  5. The perimeter frames shall be "L" shaped such as model "WW" by Bolar, for anchoring in concrete.
    The mat will be supplied with a "SS" type frame by Bolar. Consisting of an anti-slip vinyl with bevelled edge, attached to the mat on two sides (front and back).
    The mat will be supplied with a "SSA" type frame by Bolar. Consisting of an anti-slip aluminum strip with bevelled edge, attached to the mat on two sides (front and back).
  6. Blades shall be size 1 5/16" * 1/2" (35mm * 13mm) with an anti-slip abrasive insertion composed of 50% part A and 50% part B, locked at each end. Blades are to be assembled together with a noise suppressing vinyl hinge. Overall depth from finished floor surface 1/2" (13mm). Such as model AB-2 by Bolar. Colour to be determined by architect.
  7. Spacing between blades shall be so as to meet manufacturer's specifications for the minimum weight capacity. Foot grille will be manufactured in sections so as to increase ease of maintenance.
  8. The frames will be supplied without a pan. A coat of waterproofing is to be applied to the concrete base to avoid water infiltration (by others).
  9. The sections shall have a friction coefficient of 0.96 and a cleaning efficiency of 50%. Percentage of opening shall be 9%.
  10. All sections shall be in accordance with ASTM B117 norms, and be able to sustain a 1000 hours salt fog without any notable changes.
  11. Manufacturer shall be able to confirm this data and be able to supply architect with all necessary reports.
  1. The foot-grille sections will be installed in their frames, as a last item, to prevent damages during construction. Install all foot grilles, square and level with finished floor so as to permit easy manipulation of all sections. All frame members and intermediary supports are to be level and well supported on all their lengths in order to avoid any deflection over a long term period.
  2. All frames and pans are to be thoroughly cleaned before installing any grille section in order for them not to exceed finished floor level. All sound gaskets damaged during installation, are to be replaced before final inspection. Protect grilles from construction traffic.

Option #1: Water run off
The vinyl hinges are notched every 300mm (12") in order to allow water to flow under the mat and into the pit area.
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