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t-dr_Metro-Court-2-smThe TOTAL DOOR SYSTEM is an architect-designed engineered door system. It has been successfully proven for 30 years in the finest building structures in the world and under the most diverse applications imagined. EDWARDS offers single source responsibility for ADA and code compliant systems that include doors, hardware, installation and service. Our staff is factory trained in service and installation and will assist you with construction details and specifications. When you specify TOTAL DOOR SYSTEMS you receive a product that has been setting the highest performance and design standards in commercial and institutional building since 1976.

The Total Door system, with its full height, semi-concealed hinge and full height locking channel, has an inherent design that provides high abuse resistance, extended life, unparalleled security and reduced maintenance. All operating hardware is factory installed with single source responsibility. Doors are fully code-compliant without the need of vertical rod panic devices, astragals, coordinators, floor strikes or flush bolts.
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TOTAL DOOR is an architectural grade fire door system. It includes primed or pre-finished door panels, factory installed door hardware and field installation. The continuous locking channel has an I-beam shape that securely locks the door along its full height. It cocks at an angle when open and snaps shut over the full-length latch stop when closed. It provides exceptional security on single doors and eliminates vertical rods, floor hardware, coordinators, astragals and flush bolts on pairs and double egress fire doors.

aroContinuous semi-concealed hinge retrofits easily to any existing frame or to virtually any flat surface and there are no projecting knuckles. 3-hour rated pairs can be installed in standard rabbeted or cased frames, completely eliminating the need for triple step frames for double egress. A TOTAL DOOR double egress door can even be retrofitted into a standard pair frame. Our exclusive dual pivot point semi-wide throw hinge allows the door to open a full 180 degrees and gives greater clear width.

aroLocking channel and hinge require no templating and uniformly distribute loads to the door and frame, increasing the strength, durability and abuse resistance of the door and frame.

aroOur standard exit device has a narrow projection (1 5/16") and allows a 32" clear width in a 36" opening. Our new optional Flush Exit Device offers the least projection in the industry with a mere 1/8" projection in the open position.

aroHigh pressure laminate, lPC, Wood veneer, Metal door faces and Mirrored stainless steel in colours are available in all labels, including 3 hours, even for pair and double egress fire doors.

Maximum design flexibility.
Sound Package provides Extra Quiet operation for auditoriums and meeting rooms.
Abuse resistance and low maintenance stand up to heavy use in schools, sports facilities, health care institutions, industrial and institutional settings.
Meets all fire-ratings including 3 hour and temperature rise and positive pressure.
ADA compliant. Inter-Teck Testing Services certified. 8'-4 3/8" wide pairs for labelled 8'-0" clear opening!

TOTAL DOOR is well suited to applications that are complicated by code, access and abuse requirements including:
Fire rated pairs and double egress - panic exit doors - pocketed doors - cross corridor fire doors - elevator lobby doors - elevator shaft smoke protection - high traffic and abuse doors - psychiatric doors - electrically operated doors All retrofit applications.

Limitations: All aspects of fire doors must comply with procedures of Inter-Teck Testing Services and the local code enforcement authority.


aroDoor bodies are 1 3/4" thick stressed skin structures without point loading.
aroSkins of 20, 18 or 16 gauge electro-galvanized bonderized stretcher-leveled steel, are continuously bonded to the door core and top and bottom rails; they are welded to latch and hinge stiles.
aroLatch and hinge stiles are 16 gauge electro-galvanized bonderized steel.
aro5 3/4" top and bottom solid wood rails provide reinforcement for closers and holders and eliminate the need for through-bolting.
aroDoor cores are polystyrene or 250 degree temperature rise cores.
aroLocking channel is 18 gauge electro-galvanized bonderized steel. It provides exceptional security on single doors and eliminates the need for vertical rods and other hardware on pairs of doors.
aroContinuous semi-concealed hinge is 14 gauge electro-galvanized bonderized steel with no projecting hinge knuckles.

Standard Continuous locking channel and hinges are strong enough that they are used without modification on VLR Blast Resistant Doors There are two standard painted finishes available or we can provide a computer-controlled match to the colour design selected by your interior design firm.

aroPrime painted - custom colour painted - mirrored stainless steel - wood veneers.
aroHigh pressure laminates - Architectural metal finishes - FRP - IPC
aroAll finishes including wood veneer and HPL are available in all labels including 3 hour ratings except FRP.
aroTemperature rise doors are available in painted and metal finishes only.

For additional options please contact Edwards Door Systems Limited - 1-888-786-5623.

Wood Veneer
Wood veneer door with flush fire exit panic hardware Concealed closers & Electro-Magnetic Hold-opens.

Total Door Systems - Storm Sentry™ High Security Doors
Fully Code-Approved Huuricane Doors with Standard Hardware.
Storm Sentry™ Certified Hurricane-Rated Total Doors
Approved for standard in-swinging pairs.

Factory installed TOTAL DOOR exit devices and locks come with a lifetime limited warranty. Door trim combinations include: standard fire exit panic device only, our new flush fire exit panic device with grip hardware, standard panic by lever, standard panic and operating grip pull hardware, lever by lever, operating push and operating pull

TOTAL DOOR exit devices are an integral part of the TOTAL DOOR assembly and are factory installed, requiring zero field labour. Advantages include:
aroLifetime limited warranty - no lubrication required.
aroFire-rating to three hours and temperature rise - ADA compliance
aroAll locking functions including electric cylinder and/or remote dogging - narrow projection (standard panic - 1-5/16", flush panic 1/8" open position - cycle tested by Inter-Teck Testing Services to over 1 million cycles (10 times industry standard) finishes available in dark bronze or satin anodized aluminum with inserts in virtually any finish or material.

TOTAL DOOR® lever locks are factory installed. Advantages include: lifetime limited warranty, fire rating to 3 hours - ADA compliance
All locking functions including exit devices and electrical functions, works with any standard cam mortise cylinder, compatible with levers of many manufacturers trim, is available in most standard hardware finishes.

TOTAL DOOR® push-pull locks and trim are factory installed and do not require any field labour. They offer simplicity in design and resistance to abuse and forced entry; ideal where the design demands functional trim that complements or blends with the surroundings, or where the doors and hardware will be exposed to constant wear and tear i.e. schools. Advantages include: lifetime limited warranty
fire-ratings through 3/4 - 3 hours, ADA compliance.

All International projects will be quoted CFR Port of Entry, however all installations must be completed under the direction of one of our factory-trained supervisors in accordance with Total Door™ standards and requirements.

For TOTAL DOOR® design drawings and additional product information, click here - Cad Drawings

Please contact us for labeling information, specifications and architectural details.
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