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At left: BNL Bank Office, Toronto, Canada
Photo features a custom entrance system which includes a stainless steel and brass combination on the cladded columns, rails, header and pulls.


Toronto Dominion Bank,
Toronto, Canada

Glass Doors & Hardware

As shown on drawings and series type.

Centre hung or offset pivot doors as manufactured by InKan Limited, Canada.

12mm (1/2"), 10mm (3/8") or 19mm (3/4") Ultra-lite tempered clear glass, as manufactured by InKan Limited (CAN 2-12.1-79 National Standard). Tinted glass optional in 12mm and 10mm thickness.

Standard or custom hardware as manufactured by InKan.

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze.

FINISHES CLOSERS Overhead concealed closer – Dorma RTS-88 ’s 530 & 540 top hung sliding stack wall systems incorporate the highest quality components to ensure smooth, easy, quiet & long lasting operation. Low tolerance curving of the extrusions provides the smoothest of operation for our curved systems. Bottom guide track may be eliminated on straight stackers if desired.

Precision control, from drawing board to manufactured product, guarantees a custom built system which is both practical and durable.

Tempered Glasss Door Hardware in Architectural Finishes
1. Corner section of 300 Series fully stiled door.
2. Wood veneer rails available in a wide range of finishes: maple, oak, cherry, etc.
3. Cladded rail, available in 4", 6" or custom profile in a choice of metal finishes.
4. a) 4212 Offset Push/Pull.
    b) 4012 Push/Pull.
    c) Custom Pulls in a variety of shapes and sizes.
5. a) Bi-fold hinge with door-rail.
    b) Bi-fold hinge on patch fittings.
6. Shower door hardware.
7. InKan's sports court hardware for all glass backwall.
8. Door hardware, available in various finishes.

All Pulls are solid stainless steel, brass, bronze or aluminum.
Sargent Mortised Locks for Tempered Glass Doors
InKan 5 1/2"X 10" mortise patch available in most finishes with Sargent 8100; or optional Schlage "L" Series. Electric strike available.
Custom Designed Sandblasted Glass Pulls
3/4" glass handles with sandblasted or carved logo and stainless steel, brass or aluminum standoffs. Various dimensions available.

Stainless Steel Fully Glazed Stile and Rail Door
Corner section of an ALL stainless steel stiled door with no exposed welding.

Custom fabricated frames available clad in coloured stainless steel.

Preventive Maintenance Program Available
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