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see_thruLight-Safe Entry
Space-saving, light safe entrances/exits for
Handicapped Access facilities, Darkrooms, Radiology Labs, Hospitals, Computer rooms,
and many other uses.

Edwards Door Systems is the
for Speedmatic® Revolving Darkroom Doors.

The latest in safe, easy access to darkrooms, photo labs, inflatable buildings, x-ray labs, graphic arts, cleanrooms, computer rooms, hospitals, laboratories, air lock structures. Our dark room doors keep darkrooms cleaner and completely light-safe, protecting expensive light-sensitive materials from fogging. Personnel can enter and leave the darkroom without interfering with other activities.

Speedmatic® Revolving Darkroom Doors
and Pass-Through Windows have been in use since 1969.

Installations of Speedmatic® products include thousands of commercial, government, hospital, and industrial customers worldwide.

The Speedmatic® doors and windows come with a
30 month "No Hassle Warranty"
and a history of more than
twenty-eight years of excellent service.
Revolving darkroom doors are manufactured using Dow Lustran ABS and electrically pre-coated, anti-corrosion treated steel. Two-way, three-way, and four-way models in many popular sizes are available. The doors can be for permanent installation, hinged, or safety "pop-out" with break-away hardware.
Also, ADA handicapped accessible doors are available in many popular sizes.

All gaskets are provided to insure complete lightproof and dustproof protection when door is in operation or in stopped position. The door has felt sealing strips between the two cylinders to finish the light seal. Non-slip rubber floor covering greatly reduces the chance of tripping. The stationary floor not only prevents accidents but also makes the needed light seal at the bottom.

Riveted and welded steel members for extra strength, reinforced steel flanges, easy rotation, center suspension, self-aligning ball bearings - these are only a few of many features of Speedmatic® Revolving Darkroom Doors.
Wheelchair ramps are available for handicapped accessible models.

The doors are normally shipped boxed, fully assembled and ready to install.
Installation time: 1 man/hour. No door frame needed, all you do is fit it to the correct door opening. For a small nominal fee, it can also be ordered knocked-down or partially knocked-down for easy re-assembly on the job site.

YOUR CHOICE of Revolving Doors for Photo Labs, Inflatable Buildings, X-Ray Labs, Graphic Arts, Cleanrooms, Computer Rooms, Hospitals, Laboratories, Air Lock Structures.

E34291Types of Revolving Darkroom Doors

Black: For photo labs; furnished in black to reduce reflection of stray light. Never needs painting; can be painted, if desired, to match the color scheme.

Amber: for Graphic Arts.

Ruby-Red: for Radiology Facilities and Graphic Arts.

Clearview: for cleanrooms, computer rooms, laboratories, hospitals, and air lock structures.

Permanent: attaching directly to the wall.

Pop-Out: With unique break-away hardware, makes it easy to push the door out in case of emergency or moving large pieces of equipment in and out. Break-away hardware is easily installed with aluminum strip extrusions along the edge and another attached to the wall. A 2" (5.1 cm) wide neoprene rubber strip inserted between the two completes the light seal.

Hinged: Swings open as a regular door; has a continuous hinge on one side and rollers on the other, can be moved instantaneously in case of emergency or routine cleaning.

Click here for Dimensions for Revolving Darkroom Doors

Click here for Guide Specifications for Revolving Darkroom Doors.


eseco-pass_thru_windowfor Specimen, Cassette, and Film TransferPass-Through Revolving Window

aro Sturdy construction of rigid high-impact polystyrene
aro Steel members riveted and welded for extra strength
aro Center guide bearing provides vertical alignment
aro Easy rotation on lower guide bearings
aro Never needs painting

Pass-Through windows allow access to the darkroom for material handling: personnel inside the darkroom can conveniently send and receive sensitized goods such as x-ray, film, or specimen without disturbing the routine work flow. Rotating pass-through windows are normally installed at a height 36" (91 cm) to 42" (107 cm) from floor eliminating potential safety hazards when working in darkroom conditions.

Made of Dow Lustran ABS (Flash Point 730°F - 752°F [388°C - 400°C], conforms to UL Flame Class Rate of 94 HB), the window will never need painting and will not dent, crack or tear upon impact. To simplify the attachment to the wall, the window frame is rigidly constructed with metal flanges. An extra set of metal flanges is provided for the trimming of the outside wall. Bottom center glide bearings guarantee smooth and quiet operation. Felt entry seals assure light-tight operation.

Click here for Dimensions for Pass-Thru Windows

Click here for Guide Specifications for Pass-Thru Windows.

E34324Made of sheet steel in all basic sizes, these doors may be used as security entrances in banks or currency exchanges.

Warranty to the original purchaser; should any Speedmatic® Door or Window fail to perform as specified within 24 months from date of installation, because of a factory defect in parts or workmanship, we agree  to provide the necessary replacement parts to make it function as originally designed. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by abuse, accident, neglect, fire or other abnormal conditions beyond Company’s control.

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