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Access Tehnologies Access Technologies offers sliding, swinging, revolving and folding doors; service windows; entry control; climate barrier systems; fire doors; and a variety of sensors and controls for customers worldwide. Each customer's needs are thoroughly evaluated by our engineers and quickly developed into custom solutions through electronics laboratory evaluation, computer aided design and hands-on testing.

State-of-the-art, custom manufactured automatic doors for a wide variety of commercial, institutional, industrial and transportation applications by Edwards Door Systems.

Product safety features include microwave and infrared sensors, automatic reversal, and fail-safe logic, as well as a variety of emergency egress features for full compliance with local and national fire and safety codes ANSI A 156.10, A 156.19 (BHMA 1601), and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards 101 (life safety code) and 80 (fire door/latching devices). All products are listed with UL, CSA, ICBO, BOCA and other domestic and international professional and regulatory associations, and are in full compliance with the standards developed by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for barrier-free access.

In addition to fabricating and installing these products and systems, EDWARDS technicians remain on-call to provide customers preventative maintenance and 24-hour emergency service.

We offer a range of fire door operators built to comply with all pertinent local, state and national fire codes. In the event of a fire emergency, these door operators shut off automatically and allow the doors to close and latch using electric fire safety latches. They may still be opened manually by pushing the panic hardware.

UL Fire-Rating
Magic-Access® and Magic-Swing® are UL-certified for use as Fire Door Operators on single-swing (or pairs of) fire-rated doors (wood core, hollow metal and steel covered composite type door assemblies) in the U.S. and Canada.
[Single swing doors must be equipped with electric strikes. Pairs of doors must be equipped with a fire-rated exit device suitable for use with remotely activated retractable latch bolts.]

Door Types
Hollow Metal or Wood - Glass and Aluminum - Lead Lined up to 5000 lbs.

Hardware & Controls
aroManual Panic Hardware - Electrified Panic Hardware
aroElectromagnetic Locking - Motion Sensors
aroSentrex™ Matless Safety System
aroPush Plates - Kick Plates
aroPull Cords - Card Readers

Access Control Consoles
The optional console gives you remote control of a sliding door solenoid lock and of the door sensor system. You can select four different modes of door operation. Status lights plus an audible alert keep you informed at all times.

besam-titleBesam Sliding Doors and Operators
Advanced design and beautiful aesthetics

The sliding door system Besam Frame’s rugged design makes it suitable for use in high-traffic entrances in for example the retail sector.

besam-Frame-TelescopicFrame Telescopic
The Frame Telescopic maximises the width of the door opening, providing an impressive solution when space is limited.

The sliding door system Besam Slim produces a decorative and functional entrance framed all round with slimline aluminium profiles.

besam-Telescopic_profileSlim Telescopic
The Slim Telescopic is the natural choice for narrow passageways because it maximises the width of the door opening.

Particularly well-suited to internal environ-ments, the Besam Semi Transparent sliding door system provides an impressive entry.

Suited to internal applications, the Besam Transparent sliding door system creates an elegant entry with a virtually uninterrupted glass surface.

The Hermetic sliding door is especially designed for use in clean room environments where clean, hygienic, well-sealing doors are required.

besam-CMD-Sliding-DoorCurved Automatic Door System
The Besam Curved sliding door produces an impressive and elegant entrance with depth in addition to width and height.

besam-UniSlide Operator_BabylandSliding Door Operators
The operator UniSlide can be integrated as part of Besam sliding door system or be adapted to a wide range of existing doors and customer requirements.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Please contact us  for technical information, specifications and architectural details.
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