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What is a Cable Tray System?
As noted in the U.S. National Electrical Code, a cable tray system is "a unit or assembly of units or sections and associated fittings forming a rigid structural system used to securely fasten or support cables and raceways."

What does this mean?
aroCable trays support cable the way that roadway bridges support traffic
aroA bridge is a structure that provides safe passage for traffic across open spans
aroCable tray is the bridge that allows for safe transport of wires across open spans
Therefore, think of cable tray as the structural component of a building's electrical system

What standards / guidelines are available for cable tray systems?
  1. The National Electrical Code publishes the standards for all types of electrical applications. Articles 318, 250, and 800 cover various aspects of cable tray systems.
  2. NEMA, (National Electrical Manufacturers Association), is an association comprised of the major cable tray manufacturers in the industry. This committee has published three documents to date: NEMA VE1, FG1 and VE2. NEMA VE1 covers general cable tray definitions, manufacturing standards, performance standards, test standards, and application information. NEMA FG1 addresses the standards for fiberglass cable tray systems. NEMA VE2 is a cable tray installation guideline which covers receiving and unloading material, storage of material, and general installation practices.
  3. CTI, (Cable tray Institute), is a trade association comprised of the major cable tray manufacturers in the industry and was formed to provide specifiers, designers, and installers, information on the advantages of using cable tray systems over other types of products. (eg; conduit, ladder rack, etc.)
Click here for further information  on the Cable Tray Institute

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Offering a solid background in fire protection, DuraSystems Barriers Inc. is a North American based manufacturer specializing in supplying fire-rated systems and assemblies to the industrial, commercial and institutional market sectors. Relying on over a half century of proven performance and utilizing the engineered properties of 3DF2 fire resistant sheet, DuraSystems can provide passive fire protection solutions for telecommunication and electrical power utilities, petrochemical, mining and resource industries, transportation industry and off-shore oil and gas platforms.

3DF2 Sheet:
aroMoisture resistant ~ Maintenance free
aroStrong yet lightweight ~ Impact resistant
aroBarriers require no foundations ~ Space-saving
aroTested fire resistance ~ Engineered for blast resistance
aroDry trade installation ~ Demountable and relocatable
aroA wide range of international tests are on file for a variety of constructions with approvals from ULI, ULC, FM, Lloyds Register of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, LPC, BRE, Warnock Hersey and many other recognized testing authorities.

Please contact us for labelling information, specifications and engineering details.
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