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Innovations in Photoluminescent Exit Signs,
Photoluminescent Stair Nosings and
Photoluminescent Exit Path Markers

Ecoglo® represents the latest innovation in emergency lighting systems, requiring no electricity to ensure safe passage in all conditions.
ecoglo-gI_0_Darkimage2Ecoglo® products feature a built-in photoluminescent strip made up of crystals in a pigment that absorb light from both solar and artificial sources. The luminescent strips quickly become charged and emit a steady green glow.
The Ecoglo strips will continue to glow in the event of a power outage until all the absorbed energy is exhausted.
When exposed with the appropriate levels of light, Ecoglo® will be visible to patrons in a darkened stadium for 140 minutes following a blackout.
Ecoglo® can recharge quickly once exposed to light. The hard, long-lasting finish of Ecoglo® will maintain its luminescence for the life span of most public buildings, and is a cheaper alternative to standard emergency lighting systems.

Ecoglo® is easily system code compliant as an enhancement to new or existing emergency lighting systems. It is easily installed or fitted into existing applications.

Products in the Ecoglo line include:
step contrast strips
step nosings and thresholds
handrail strips
blank signage
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Ecoglo® is also an easy to maintain emergency lighting system. You can use most cleaning chemicals on the Ecoglo® strips, although the use of undiluted or high alkaline chemicals is not recommended. High pressure water treatments can also be used with no effect on the product.

Ecoglo is the smart choice for effective and fail safe emergency lighting.

emergency-lighting2Building Codes throughout the world have approved the use of photo luminescent path finding systems for emergency and supplemental lighting systems.

The Ecoglo® system meets or exceeds the toughest supplemental lighting systems standards around the world, including New York City regulations, British and ISO standards for photo luminescent brightness, and the building codes of Australia and New Zealand. Ecoglo® is often specified for use by architects, fire engineers and egress professionals.

Ecoglo® has been installed in a large number of international facilities where supplemental lighting systems are required by set standards. These include public assembly buildings (facilities for performances or events), public occupancies (commercial high rises, malls) and industrial locations (factories, mines, oil rigs).

Safety and security can be yours with Ecoglo®'s emergency lighting systems.

Ecoglo® products are Rough, Tough, Seen and Green!
Rough: The hard wearing anti-slip material provides all weather protection from slips and falls. With their UV resistance the products can be installed indoors and out.
Tough: All products have been tested for durability in the lab and in real life installations. They can be relied upon to work in a range of environments for years and years.
Seen: The photoluminescent strip is activated by natural or artificial light and then emits a steady glow guiding people safely up steps and through passages in all conditions.
The combination of the photoluminescent strip and the anti-slip mat provides superior step edge definition whether you are in a fully lit, dim or completely dark environment.
When people are confident of where the edge of the step is and in what direction to travel, movement is faster and easier.
Green: Ecoglo® products let you harvest nature®s sunlight or reuse your existing electrical light. Ecoglo uses recycled aluminum and a carbon neutral energy supplier. All products are non toxic and non radioactive and can be readily recycled.

Ecoglo® Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings
ecoglo-EX2010Ecoglo® is the logical choice. It provides exit path markings that are just as effective in bright lighting as in darkness. All Ecoglo® products are designed with a built in photoluminescent strip that absorbs natural or artificial light. The light is then re-emitted in darkness to lead people through passageways and stairwells safely. Ecoglo® requires no electricity, and is effective as exit path markings for up to 12 hours in emergency lighting situations.

The Ecoglo® exit path markings are placed as close to the edge of the step as possible. This gives people confidence as to the exact location of the step, and allows for quick and efficient evacuation of buildings. Installing Ecoglo on handrails adds an added measure of security. People will know where handrails are located, plus this helps to define to direction of the path.

Emergency lighting systems from Ecoglo® cover all aspects of building code safety.

Ecoglo®'s photoluminescent exit signs
products provide maximum visibility throughout any room. The signs are designed to meet criteria for international building codes and be installed in any environment or building.

UL 924 Photoluminescent Exit Signs
Ceiling Mounted
Surface mounted
Edge Mounted
Sloped-ceiling Mounted

Emergency Lighting Systems
Keep buildings and offices safe with emergency lighting systems from Ecoglo®.
In a hazardous situation being able to locate the nearest exit is essential. Knowing your place of work or building is outfitted with emergency lighting systems can give you peace of mind and security. Emergency lighting systems keep your building visibly safe and ensure you and everyone around you that your building is a secure environment.
Ecoglo®'s line of emergency lighting systems, including exit path markings, passive lighting, and supplemental aisle lighting are ideal for any dimly lit theatre, staircase or arena.

The emergency lighting systems charge with the help of day and artificial light and are still visible for many hours after the sun goes down. Ecoglo®s emergency lighting systems incorporate photoluminescent technology®an eco-friendly procedure that absorbs light and then readmits it as noticeable glow.

Arena stair lighting is improved with Ecoglo®'s Step Edge Contrast Strips so guests and visitors can move assertively in the dark.
E20-Series Glow and Non-Slip
E30-Series Contrast Strip
E40-Series Strip
Ecoglo®'s emergency lighting products provide visibility throughout any room and perform just as well in the dark as they do in the light.

Theatre Aisle Lighting
In the past, the only method for lighting a darkly lit theatre was to use traditional safety lighting.

Ecoglo®'s theatre aisle lighting makes stumbling in the dark, a thing of the past!

Now you can feel safe and secure going to the concession stand.

Exit Pathway Marking
ecoglo-G4001-Guidance-Strip-lgThe G4001 guidance strip is designed for marking pathways, stairway landings, egress corridors, ramps and walls to aid in the safe and efficient movement of people.

It can also be used to outline features such as door frames. The photo-luminescent strip is visible for many hours after the lights go out, having been charged from sunlight or artificial light.

Please contact us for further information, specifications and technical details.
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