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Noise-Shield Enclosure Systems
Sound and R/F Protection
Moduline noise control structures are acoustically rated and field proven with demountable components. These structures include walls, roof and floor panels as well as doors, windows, ventilation units, silencers, trim and hardware. All types of measurements requiring the exclusion of sound, can be made in our medical and life sciences units. Rooms can be designed to conduct valid pure-tone air-and bone-conduction tests, speech tests, audiological, psychological, heart sounds, auscultation as well as complete cardiography examination and research. Models are designed for either individual or multiple occupancy, with more than 300 types of configurations and layouts available. Standard and custom engineered structures are available, laboratory developed and field proven.

Multi-Wave R/F-Acoustic-Shielded rooms are available as required to protect medical personnel and are designed with all security characteristics in one structure, featuring steel walls, floors, ceilings and R/F acoustic doors. Shielding effectiveness designs for all NSA Tempest specifications.
NSA 65-5, 63-6 & 73-2A.

Accu-Tone ll Studios
IAC Laboratory Tested
Acoustical Sound Windows

IAC Acoustical Music Recording Studios
IAC Sound-Lock
Doors and Windows

Studios of superior acoustic performance are designed with weight-saving acoustic components, to provide efficient production and recording facilities. Single and multiple wall designs include high performance doors, windows, floors and ventilation systems. ESS studios offer turnkey capability with guaranteed results, from laboratory tested and field-proven designs. Complimenting the Accu-Tone ll Studios, Studio Modules are used extensively as voice-over and editing booths for recording, radio, TV and video production. Instrument, vocal practice and listening rooms are available in standard sizes, or custom units designed to provide the right balance of sound absorption/reverberation/diffusion, to provide an acoustic environment conducive to the room's intended use.

ESS has specialized in pioneering noise control and acoustical conditioning products and systems since 1949. Their R & D Engineering and Manufacturing capabilities service the Architectural, Air-Conditioning, Industrial and Medical/Life Sciences markets with a wide range of acoustical products, for today's increasingly noise-conscious society.

The ESS Aero-Acoustic Laboratories can custom design and performance test, unique solutions for specific noise control or acoustical conditioning applications. The ESS Laboratories are accredited for nine acoustic testing services under the National Institute of Standards and Technology's National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation program [NVLAP]. Research, development and a dedication to a continuous improvement are ongoing commitments.

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