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Sanitary partitions

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Designed for use in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities, Decolam sanitary partitions are ideally suited to high-humidity environments such as swimming pools or high-vandalism areas such as prisons, schools or high-traffic public areas.

Two types of panels

03 Solid phenolic plastic laminate
Made of multiple layers of phenol-resin coated kraft paper. Sheets are assembled using a special process that results in a highly resistant material. Pressed together under high pressure and intense heat, the layers fuse to form a solid, homogenous, water-tight material that is vandal, oil, mildew and cigarette proof.

25 Laminated particle board
A layer of laminated plastic is hermetically sealed to the particle board. The laminate is made of layers of specially treated Kraft paper covered with several coats of phenol resin that bond under high pressure and intense heat. The laminate is then sealed to a 45 lb per cubic foot (720 kg/m3) density particle board. Two-inch (50 mm) wide solid laminate edges prevent moisture penetration and provide added strength for installing hardware and accessories.

Three options are available to suit all needs and budgets.
Option A -All Solid Phenolic Components

All partition components are made of ¾ inch (19 mm) solid phenolic plastic laminate. Ideally suited when hose-down cleaning is used, for showers or other wet areas.
Option B
Pilasters and doors are made of ¾-inch (19 mm) solid phenolic plastic laminate while panels are manufactured of laminated particle board and edged with solid plastic laminate.
Option C
Pilasters are made of ¾-inch (19 mm) solid phenolic plastic laminate while particle board is used for the doors and panels, which are edged with solid laminated plastic.

NOTE: Panels in all options come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and finishes. Waterproof, scratch- and graffiti-resistant, they are easy to assemble and maintain. Our standard partitions meet NFPA, class B and UBC class II fire standards. Fire-resistant partitions can be special ordered.

Decolam partitions come in four designs, each developed to meet the most exacting standards.
Head-rail braced partitions
Sturdy, practical structure
Ceiling-hung partitions
Obstruction-free floor
Requires a ceiling mount system (2 types available)
Floor-to-ceiling partitions
Ideally suited for high-traffic and vandalism-prone areas
Wall-to-wall partitions*
Obstruction-free floor and ceiling
* A Decolam exclusive.
Floor-supported, No Headrail
This type of partition is ideal for locations where the ceilings are non-standard (too high or too low). It is also sometimes preferred because of its contemporary look. A cement floor at least 2” thick is required.

Decolam sells all hardware required to assemble partition components. Parts carry a one-year warranty against manufacturing and material defects, subject to appropriate installation and maintenance, and normal use.

NOTE: All Parts are made of heavy chrome-plated Zamac 5 [corrosion-resistant cast zinc alloy], enabling doors to open either right or left.

Door hardware
Upper Hinge
Hinges: gravity-return movement can be adjusted so door remains partially open; double nylon cam adds strength.
Lower Hinge
Latch Set
Latch Set: slide-bolt mechanism; neoprene-coated keeper; designed for in-or out-swinging doors; emergency access mechanism.
Coat Hook
Coat Hook: Comes with a rubber bumper doorstop.
Mounting Channels
Connecters: 1 1/8" x ¾" (28.6 mm x 19 mm) anodized extruded aluminum are available in custom lengths and custom colours on special order.
Handicap Pull
Handicap handle: Made of 18-gauge stainless steel.
Pilaster Saddle
Pilaster Saddles: Made of 18-gauge stainless steel.

Decolam plastic laminate handrails:
Have been designed as handholds for walls in hospitals or establishments with similar needs. Handrails are available with impact-resistant plastic ends and are made of plastic-laminate covered plywood or particle board.
Handrail widths vary from ¾" (19 mm) to 3" (76 mm) and heights from 2" (51 mm) to 28" (711 mm). Maximum single-section length is 12' (3,658 m).

Decolam Plastic Laminate Wall Covering System:
A solution for covering walls and studs, laminated plastic provides a unique architectural touch, enhancing the interior design of public buildings and institutions.
Decolam wall-covering systems are composed of fastener-attached vertical panels, with fasteners supporting the panels and controlling alignment. Versatile and easy-to-install, the panels are custom-tailored to suit specific project requirements and available in a wide selection of colours.

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