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Patio Cover
ArmourTech Building Specialties
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  • High gloss sheen
  • Rain has a natural cleaning effect
  • Available in solar tints
  • Anti fogging surface
  • Light diffusion gives soft, even light Acrylic Sheeting for Patio Decks - Carports and SunRooms
Patio Cover
Enclosed Patio Decks
Engineered Carports
Finished Sunrooms

American Solarium Structural Tee Bar
Assembly Systems
American Solarium T-Bar is a structural aluminum system designed for 2' on center construction.

Quadruple-Skinned Sheeting
For the ultimate in comfort.
The patented IR reflective Heatstop coating allows
the sunlight to shine through while reflecting the heat away.
Increases comfort and reduces heating and air conditioning costs.

  • UV Light transmission blocked
  • Approved safety glazing
  • Shatter resistant
  • Protects occupants
Double-Skinned Sheeting
  • Reduces heat buildup
  • Weather tight system
  • Provides a leak free environment
  • Insulation with multiple-skinned sheets
  • Impact-resistant acrylic

Durability and Strength • 10 year limited warranty • Hail and break resistant • Meets or exceeds snow and wind load requirements • Rigid design withstands live loads • Most weatherable polymer


Double-Skinned Acrylic Sheet
Get the protection you want while still enjoying the sun’s natural light. Made from the same durable polymer as our Wave Profile sheet, the IMPACT Double -Skinned Sheet is designed specifically for overhead use.

Wave Profile Acrylic Sheet
Protect cars, families and good times from the effects of the weather without sacrificing the beauty of the Sun’s natural light.
DEGLAS Wave is hail resistant and is the perfect product for patio roofing, carports and windscreens.

Quadruple-Skinned Acrylic Sheet
Build your enclosure with Quadruple-Skinned Sheet; the insulating equivalent of four panes of glass for the ultimate in comfort.
The patented IR reflective Heatstop coating allows the sunlight to shine through while reflecting the heat away.
DEGLAS ALLTOP is the most optically clear multi-skinned sheet available. The double-wide rib spacing of 2.5" combined with acrylic’s natural clarity make this product the perfect choice where improved optics are desired.

Customizable Design
  • Larger roof projections
  • Variable pitch system
  • Ability to match a product to your needs
  • Structural and non-structural systems
  • Available in a variety of shades and surface textures
  • Different looks to enhance your design
  • No additional rafters required, fits onto most rafter designs
  • Vertical installation
  • No special equipment required
  • Lightweight panels, easily cut with circular saw
  • No specialized training or skills required
  • Fast installation of the PROSTYLE system without climbing on the roof
  • Wave Profile is point fastened – no glazing bars required
SGS is a rigorous, all aluminum non-structural interlocking system designed to handle a wide variety of vertical and horizontal applications.
SGS is the product to use for compound roof slopes.

PROStyle is a simple to use residential non-structural system. Its patented lock-in mechanism allows for quicker, safer installations without ever putting anyone on the roof.
PROStlye variable roof pitch feature adapts to slopes from 5º to 45º.
Residential GreenHouse
Pro-Style Non-Structural System
Vented GreenHouse Sections
In the late 1960’s, Röhm, the world leader in acrylic technology, began developing a sheet product ideally suited for the construction industry – specifically for commercial greenhouses in Europe. By the early 1970’s the first large commercial greenhouses were being covered with this new UV stable light transmitting insulated sheet and by 1982 twenty million square feet of acrylic double-skinned sheet had been incorporated into commercial greenhouses around the world.
In 1999 a polymer was developed which enabled the product to withstand impact from falling objects and job site mishandling. With this new capability and backed by a hail warranty, the DEGLAS IMPACT sheet can now be used in a much wider range of applications and geographic regions. The development of this polymer product also led to the creation of a tough single skin wave profile sheet.


• Patio Covers • Carports • Sunrooms • Awnings • Pool Enclosures • Winter Gardens
• Wind Screens • Skylights • Interior Wall Panels • Hobby Greenhouses • Balcony Parapets
• Spa Enclosures • Atriums • Conservatories • Solariums

In recent years the usage of these products has increased significantly in Europe’s residential construction markets. And now the products that made this construction boom possible are available and stocked in North America.
For quality renovations, detailed specifications, quotations, design layout and installation.

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