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pyramidTo provide the desired level of security, even the finest architectural hardware requires a properly designed and maintained master key system. The PYRAMID™ system with its patented mechanism is recommended for installations requiring superior protection against picking, drilling and other surreptitious entry. Its 7-pin design is ideally suited for Educational and Healthcare facilities, as well as Industrial and Commercial buildings, requiring UL437-High Security protection, for non-interchangeable core cylinders.

The keying system is the "software" of a building’s security. It turns each hardware product into an access control device with key control management available and structured procedures in place, to provide ultimate protection for the owner's system.

The choice of cylinder mechanism must be planned together with the keying system. The variety of mechanisms available from Yale-Corbin offers the right balance of security, convenience and expansion capability for every job.

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In the wake of incidents of violence, administrators of school districts, colleges and universities are looking for products that allow them to better control and secure both their perimeters and classroom environments. Edwards Door Systems in co-operation with Yale-Corbin, school administrators, faculty and architects, is focusing its efforts on meeting the unique needs of today and providing specially designed products aimed exclusively at securing our nation's schools and providing the best possible security to students.

Based on a unique operating principle which employs rotating detainer discs, ABLOY cylinders offer advantages that other high-security locking systems cannot achieve. The ABLOY cylinder contains no springs or pins which could cause malfunction in the presence of dirt, moisture, poor weather conditions, corrosion or freezing.

Virtually pickproof
The ABLOY cylinder is virtually pickproof. Only the correct key can align the gates on all the discs and allow the locking bar to disengage the cylinder from the housing

Different cylinder types are available in ABLOY products to meet the needs and requirements of different market areas and customer segments. The different cylinder types provide several key profiles and security levels.

Edwards Door Systems and Yale-Corbin are dedicated to providing high quality products designed to meet your particular needs and specifications. Please browse through our site and learn more about what we are doing to provide you with the best security options available today and into the future.
Folger-Adams High Security Detention Hardware

aroFolger Adam 200 Series Electric Strike
aroDual Voltage Solenoid.
aroCompact and Robust.
aroInvestment Cast Stainless Steel Keeper Material.
aroUnique Slide Carrier Mechanism.
aroFolger Adam Strikes are available for retrofit applications.
aroMultiple Finishes, Styles and Options Available.
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