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TouchAccess is a small intelligent lock that can be easily installed on file drawers, storage containers, medicine cabinets, or anywhere you wish to track and control access.
aroTouchAccess Lock records each entry of authorized users.
aroTouchAccess Lock is an integrated lock to prevent unauthorized entry.
aroTouchAccess Lock sounds a local alarm when unauthorized tampering occurs.

Each authorized person is issued a small, durable Touch Memory "key" which has a unique ID number.

For authorized entry, the user first touches their key to the monitor. The user ID number, date, and time of entry are recorded. The TouchAccess lock does not allow unauthorized entry.

TouchAccess Lock records all entries and closures. The stored information can be retrieved with a Palm III™ or Palm V™.

Because TouchAccess Lock can be installed at any single-access point, the applications are diverse:
aroIn the hospital, monitor access to patient records, pharmaceuticals, or biohazardous materials.
aroIn the office, control access to sensitive documents, office supplies, or personnel records.
aroOn the shop floor, monitor access to tool cribs, inventory supplies, product schematics, or expensive equipment.

TouchAccess Lock Specifications   cemarkm

Metal Case
5" X 2.6" X 1.3" (127 X 66 X 33 mm)
15 ounces (425 g)
Audio tones, Red LED
128Kbit EEPROM
Master Key, 524 access keys, 526 access events
Real-time clock
Event log:
Key ID, access type, open and close, date and time
Access Modes:
Up to four required keys
Dallas Semiconductor Touch Memory buttons
Timed Access:
Programmable access times and days
User Options:
Define master key, add keys, remove keys
Power Source:
9-volt Battery, Alkaline or Ultra Life Lithium
Battery Life:
Up to 1 year with Alkaline battery, standard - Up to 2 years with Lithium battery
Local alarm greater than 110db
Built-in mechanical lock
Data Transfer:
Infrared connection to Palm III or Palm V

Installed and Serviced across Canada and the U.S.A. by  Edwards Door Systems Limited.


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