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Stanley Hardware  stanleylogo   Stanley Architectural Design Hinges

High-performance hinges and hardware from America's most respected name in architectural hardware!

The full range of Stanley hinges provided by EDWARDS with mounting options and special application products to meet virtually any design requirement.
Manufactured in the tradition of excellence that has distinguished the Stanley name for more than 155 years, the comprehensive line of Stanley hardware provides smooth performance and dependability across a wide range of commercial, residential and consumer applications.

Heavy Duty, Security and Industrial Applications

When durability and safety are paramount, Stanley hinges and hardware give you an extra measure of performance and protection.

Stanley heavy duty detention hinges and hardware maintain security and safety, while carrying the load of heavy security doors in various applications and/or high traffic situations. Tamper-proof concealed wires transfer electrical power to locks, alarms and monitoring devices.

Security hinges - available in heavy gauge steel or cast stainless steel, feature concealed bearing assemblies designed to support doors of up to 2,000 pounds (906kg).

Stanley also offers a wide variety of hinges for special conditions and applications, which will stand up to the punishing use and everyday abuse of commercial and institutional applications.

Combining high technology materials, innovative design, and exceptional precision, Lifespan Series 3-knuckle hinges deliver unequalled performance, that is quickly becoming the new industry standard.

Patented bearings are guaranteed to deliver smooth, quiet operation for the life of the building without need for maintenance, oils, or grease.

Commercial and Institutional Applications
Stanley hinges and hardware stand up to the punishing use and everyday abuse of commercial and institutional applications.

Designed to withstand the most punishing use, the Stanley 600 Series continuous hinge provides full-height door support, distributing stress evenly along the length of the hinge, door and frame.

Ideal for use on high traffic doors, or for rehabilitating badly worn doors and frames.

Stanley Continuous Hinges for Commercial - Industrial and Institutional Applications -
Available in 304 Stainless Steel
aro651 - Full Mortise Stainless Steel
aro643 - Full Mortise with half-wrap edge guard in prime painted steel
aro600-pound (272kg) capacity supports a wide assortment of interior and exterior doors.

aroApproved for use in 3-hour fire-rated door assemblies.
aroEspecially suited for Dutch doors, when lower portion of door is a shelf.
aroAvailable in lengths of 10 feet or more and easily fit to special door height requirements.
aroFabricated from 14 gauge cold rolled steel or 304 grade stainless steel.

Lifetime Warranty
Stanley's dedication to state-of-the-art research with manufacturing and quality-control capabilities, delivers products of the highest quality; and allows us to warrant selected hinges for the life of the building, truly a guarantee that is unique in the industry. Stanley Continuous, LifeSpan, institutional and spring hinges, all feature the lifetime warranty.

Stanley's long-term dedication to the architectural products industry, is reflected in its commitment to provide full support for its customers at every step – from technical support at the distribution level, to assistance in product specification, along with a unique lifetime warranty for selected products.

Please contact us for labelling information, specifications and architectural details.
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