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Stainless Door
Stainless Steel Fire Doors and Frames

LS-Series - LS18 (1mm)
ss_seriesLS-Series Stainless Steel Doors are designed to meet and exceed the harsh environmental exposures like: chemicals, water, moisture and others. Indoor swimming pool areas, laboratories, bottling plants, food processing plants and all tropical environments are ideal for the LS-Series Stainless Steel Door. L-Series doors fabricated from 18 gauge type #304 or #316 (specify type) stainless steel material. The hardware reinforcements and the end channels are also fabricated using stainless steel material. The door is standard with a number 4 polish on both faces and the edges.

FS-Series Frames are designed for use in wood stud, steel stud and masonry walls. These frames are 16 gauge type #304 or #316 #4 Finish Stainless Steel material. The hardware reinforcements and anchors are also fabricated from stainless steel.


Type #304 stainless steel is recommended for areas where corrosive materials are present in the atmosphere.
Type #316 (optional) stainless steel is recommended for swimming pool areas where high concentrations of chlorine are used.

ESS Model 178XXSD series
designed for high use applications and are available in single slide or center parting configurations where ease of cleaning is critical and aesthetic appeal is desired.

Door Panel – The door is constructed with 16 gauge stainless steel face sheets bonded to Kraft honeycomb core and 16 gauge internal tubing. The panel has a "one-piece" construction design. The stainless steel face sheets wrap around the door eliminating the capping channel, so there are no sharp edges showing.

Bottom Guides – Bottom guide is concealed under the door for years of trouble free service.

Weatherstrip - Creates a tight seal for insulation and noise control.

Pull Handles – Stainless steel flush pull handles on both sides permit easy manual operation.

Vision Panels - There are no visible face screws on the production side of the door, so the entire window assembly is flush with the door. The pull handles are also flush.

Track Hardware – The 178XXSD utilizes the TEP Track System for easy installation, exceptional seals, quiet operation and years of trouble free service.

Track Hood - A closed end sloped stainless steel track hood allows for easy cleaning.
ESS Model TXP Sliding Door Operator
sd-114 with its modular design and quiet operation is the perfect choice for clean rooms, food processing and pharmaceutical applications. Movement of the door is controlled by a microprocessor controller, which requires no relays, wires or limit switches. Upon start up, the door will calibrate itself to the fully opened and closed position and automatically set its travel. Safety beams and motion sensors are available along with separate activator for partial opening. Model TXP Modular sliding door operator.

Troubleshooting is easy with a self-diagnostic control panel. The system automatically performs tests to identify where a potential problem exists and displays a “fault code". Most problems can be resolved in minutes utilizing your own maintenance staff.

Custom Designed Doors
Door thickness:
1-3/4"   (45mm)

Standard heights:
6'8"  (2032mm)
7'0"-7'2"  (2134mm-2184mm)
7'10"-8'0"  (2388mm-2438mm)

Standard widths:
increments of 2"(50mm)
from 1'6"(457mm) to 4'0"(1219mm)
Mirrored stainless available.
Special lite kits available.

NextDoor1Custom designed, high-end doors will distinguish any type of entryway, whether you are seeking a modern or a classic look. We will attempt to spark your imagination by offering an array of beautiful door options.

You can mix and match the various design elements to create a one-of-a-kind entrance with true style.

Our striking abraded door patterns are smooth to the touch. The depth you see is a three-dimensional look we create through a special crafting technique.

We guarantee strong, distinctive and timeless stainless steel doors and frames to suit your design.
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