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Automatic 4-Point Deadbolts

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Securitech 4-Point Locking Exit Hardware & Hurricane Approved Door Systems. Life Safety Code Compliant.

Automatically Locks The Door When It Closes!!


Multi-point locks from the leaders in high-security exit devices!
st-trident-door-lock  st-trident-2
All models feature 3-Moving Deadbolts and 4th Point Locking Bolt on the hinge side of the door. Dual-Locking (latch and electromagnetic locking) meet today's access control needs. Retrofit trim brings electric release easily to exit devices. Securitech's wide ranging exit devices provides maximum break-in protection with total code compliance. Trident provides maximum break-in protection for existing doors. Convert illegally locked doors to legal emergency exits without sacrificing security

Complete range of electric and electro-mechanical customized security products.

Securitech is recognized by architects and clients as the leading innovator of high security lock and electric door lock products. Securitech has advanced the art of mechanical security and electric security with easy-to-install multi-point exit door locks and exit devices, including code compliant electric locks and combination latch and electromagnetic locking systems.
If greater door security is your goal, look to Securitech for the latest innovative door security products that are found worldwide in many applications. The concepts and products shown here are the starting points to meeting your specific needs and requirements.

Contact EDWARDS for a custom security solution to meet your high security needs now.

Securitech P*E*D*S Automatic
Deadbolting Locking System.

Consultation and Innovation available for complete Hi-Tech Security solutions.

Automatic Deadbolts remove the "human element" from locking the door. When the door closes, the deadbolt locks in place at up to 4-points. There is no margin for human error.

The Auto-Bolt has a mechanical sensor which tells the lock when the door is closed. The stainless steel deadbolt springs out into a fully locked position.

No electricity is required in order for the door to lock or unlock. Automatic deadbolts overcome the weakness of locks dependent upon electrical or battery power. The Auto-Bolt is secure even if there is a power outage.

The great advantage of automatic deadlocking is the safety and security it provides. Just one movement of the panic trim or lever, retracts all the bolts for instant egress.

This makes the P*E*D*S (which uses automatic deadbolt) the ideal lock for an exit device. The Electric Auto-Bolt is the best lock to use for security with intercoms and access control.

Custom Controls and Devices

Electro-Magnetic Locks - Customized Electronic Locking Systems -
Electric Panic Exit Devices and Alarms

Securitech Mortise Latch with Code-Compliant Re-Entry.

"Off The Shelf" Customized Systems to Meet End-User Specifications.

Securitech control trim combined with custom designed entry and exit systems provide electric locking systems for specific locking situations. Securitech's technology creates unique fail-safe and fail-secure systems which meet local code and special workplace requirements.

Securitech invites architects, security directors, facility managers and end-users to provide their input to ensure the design of a system which meets all life-safety, security and operational needs. Integrating "Dual Locking", life-safety and fail-secure trim with access control systems, provides maximum design versatility.

Maximum Protection Against Break-Ins For Any Door!

Steel deadbolts bolt the door to the frame at up to 4-points. Securitech's multi-point doors are easy to operate-retracting or projecting the bolts simultaneously meets life safety requirements. Self-locking, concealed models and surface mounted models are available. All models come with a 15 year mechanism guarantee.

Electric Locking
Electric_Over  st-mortise-lock
Code Compliance...High Security Against Forced Entry

Securitech's unique approach to electric locking has created a wide variety of trims and systems to meet today's access control and code compliance demands. From standard trim to customized packages, Securitech meets the toughest challenge.

Securitech 4-point Mortise Locking System.
Securitech provides the finest line of electric locking systems in the industry.

The MLM Maglatch series provides optimal security with basic dual locking (mortise & electromagnetic) applications.

The ELM Electrolatch series employs the most reliable and withstanding alternative to electric strikes.

The SMX SwitchX series works in conjunction with access control systems which operate electromagnets.

Securitech engineers have designed the widest range of customized, integratable packages that meet the demands of today's most sophisticated access control systems. Securitech provides fail-safe & fail-secure standard trims in virtually all our electric locking systems.

Exit Devices
exit_device_over  Autobolt_over
Maximum Protection Against
Forced Entry & Life-Safety In One!

Securitech provides the best solution for exit doors that are illegally locked, prone to forced entry, must comply with building and/or fire codes and life safety requirements.

Securitech offers the MP Panic Exit Lock series. The Bronx Tested Lock That Stops Burglars From N.Y. To L.A., and Newfoundland to British Columbia. The MP Panic Exit Lock series lock provides emergency protection with multi-point locking security and push paddle safety. Multiple locking points secure the door to the frame better than ordinary latch bolts.

U.L. Listed MP Panic retracts all the bolts simultaneously with one motion providing instant egress in an emergency.
Securiguard_overSecuriguard is better than ordinary guard plates. Regular guard plates have openings for keys. These openings give would-be vandals and burglars the ability to pick the lock, drill the cylinder or vandalize the keyhole with harmful elements.

Securiguard has a sliding shield which covers the cylinder and keyhole. The shield moves up and down when a special magnetic key is placed on top of the shield. Otherwise it is locked. The shield protects the cylinder because it has no opening. The cylinder is hidden until the shield is raised. Only then can the key be inserted into the lock. Securiguard protects ordinary or high-security cylinders against abuse and heavy attacks.
Securiguard also provides a unique cost-effective alternative for access control. When the shield is in the down position, unauthorized access is prohibited. This "lockout" method ensures that authorized personnel can gain access during unauthorized hours.

Securiguard can be retrofitted over rim or mortise cylinders or Adams-Rite locks, mortise locks, exit control devices, rim locks and many others. All models are shipped as tap down function. They can be easily converted in the field to key down prior to installation.

Securiguard are available keyed alike and keyed different. Larger key groups are available on special order.

Securiguard operates with four magnetic receptors in the lock which correspond to the coded magnets in each key. Combinations can be changed at any time in the field.

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