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sargentkeySince 1864 SARGENT® Manufacturing Company has been producing hardware and is now one of the world's leading and most respected manufacturers of architectural hardware for commercial construction, institutional and industrial markets. Sargent® provides a full line of locksets, door closers, exit devices, access control systems for new construction, renovation, and replacement applications. In January of 1996, SARGENT® joined the ASSA ABLOY family of companies to become part of the largest lock manufacturing corporation in the world.

SARGENT’s new 10 Line design - Exceeding Standards–Time After Time

Sargent Series 10 Lever Handle Grade 1 Locksets - Tested to 4,000,000 Cycles to set the Standard for Abusive Force
Sargent surpasses all competitive products in strength and durability. At over 4,000,000 cycles, the unique lock design sets the standard for abusive force, this lock endures more than two times the standard without allowing entry! If you’re looking for flexibility, the 10 Line offers twenty-two different functions and six different lever designs, including Coastal Series decorative designs.
The 10 Line is ideally suited for:
aroSchools / Universities
aroManufacturing Facilities
aroExceeds Grade 1 Standards
aroMany functions, finish and design combinations for virtually any application
aroFive year mechanical warranty

State-of-the-Art protection and peace of mind 24/7
SarGuard Permanent Anti-Microbial Protection against Bacteria - Micro-Organisms - Mold and Mildew
sargentagionThis true industry innovation puts SARGENT on the cutting edge! The AgION antimicrobial compound is a silver-based antimicrobial agent that is incorporated into the SARGuard coating.
Making a less friendly world for bacteria.

SARGuard products are ideal for installation in countless hardware applications where vigilance in the war against bacteria and mold is critical, such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, clinics, laboratories, offices, schools and daycare facilities to name a few.

What is the AgION antimicrobial compound?
The AgION antimicrobial compound is an inorganic material that incorporates the natural protection of silver. This coating is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, it has been proven to be successful in controlling the spread and growth of many types of bacteria, mold and mildew.

SARGENT is the first and only full line manufacturer of locks, exit devices, door closers and key control systems to offer their product lines coated with SARGuard, containing the AgION antimicrobial compound.

How long will it last?
The SARGuard coating is permanent under normal wear and tear.

SARGuard treated hardware reduces bacterial growth quickly!
aroSuppresses microbes
aroLong lasting
aroAvailable on most SARGENT product lines

How quickly does SARGuard work?
The AgION antimicrobial in SARGuard is always working to protect the treated surface. For most types of micro-organisms, the majority of contaminants will be gone in as little as 20 minutes.

How do I know that the product is still inhibiting the growth of microbes?
Procedures have been developed to show that the AgION compound continues to inhibit the growth of microbes.

* Consult Edwards Door Systems for specific test results.

Does this mean that I will no longer have to clean my hardware?
The normal cleaning regime appropriate to your environment is recommended. The SARGuard coating provides a cleaner surface and should be viewed as a second line of defense in the fight against bacteria, mold and mildew.

Lasts for the life of the hardware1

SARGuide - A New Innovation in Life Safety!
SarGuide with E-Lite Technologies for Low Visibility Exit Signage to Supplement Existing Codes for Egress Lighting

SARGuide addresses the increasing concern about public egress, particularly in low-visibility conditions. Research shows that in panic conditions, exit signs and locations are missed or go unnoticed. Smoke rises and can quickly block the visibility of standard exit signage.

Partnering with E-Lite Technologies, Inc., the world-wide leader in electroluminescent technology, we are proud to introduce SARGuide.

The SARGuide exit device contains an illuminated touchpad to enhance the visibility of exit locations in dark or smoke-filled passages. Used as a supplement to existing codes for egress lighting, SARGuide effectively improves the safety of any public building!

SARGENT exit devices, with the SARGuide feature, are placed lower on the door providing an extended window of opportunity for safe emergency egress.

Specify SARGENT Exit Devices with SARGuide to ensure the highest level of safety and security!

assa-abloySECURITRON Magnalock Corporation
With product leadership and innovation that has been recognized with numerous awards.
Essex Complete Facility Electronic Security Systems


Securitron MagnaLock
Electronic Control Panels
and Power Supplies -
Lock Cotrol Panels
for Commercial Openings

Along with the innovative Magnalock® - Securitron produces electromagnetic locks, electronic power supplies, entry devices, exit devices, timers, and lock control panels for commercial openings. Designed and manufactured by SECURITRON for over thirty years,

Sargent Lock is committed to maintaining leadership in the architectural hardware field, by keeping in the forefront of the latest technology required to produce the finest quality products, designed for the commercial, institutional and industrial markets. While Edwards Door Systems is committed to providing our clients with customer service that is unparalleled in the construction industry.

Please contact us for technical information, specifications and architectural details.
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