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High Security Locks with Totally Restricted Keys featuring the revolutionary "3 in 1"

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High Security reversible key with patented floating insert. Patented cylinder with telescopic pin tumblers.
Pick and drill resistant lock.
Durable nickel-silver and stainless steel pins.
Computer controlled key cutting combinations.
You can change your lock's combination 3 times with NO tools or Locksmith needed.

This is an ideal system for businesses where employee turnover is high.

To change combinations, simply insert a key of a different color which automatically re-sets the cylinder. The old key and combination are then permanently disabled.
When all 3 initial combinations have been used, a professional locksmith can re-combinate the cylinder and re-cut 3 new keys for about the same price as changing locks one time!
Keys cannot be made without your express consent and the presentation of the specially encrypted Owner's Card.


Interactive - The comprehensive high security locking system that uniquely combines high-tech lock strength with a patented key and cylinder design.
The Interactive key incorporates a high precision floating insert which interacts with a sophisticated spring-loaded pin in the cylinder plug, for enhanced high-security protection.

Highly Restrictive Key Cutting System - Your Mul-T-Lock Interactive Owner's Card is your personal pass key for ordering additional keys. Interactive is designed to discourage unauthorized key-ordering, by requiring presentation of Owner's Card at an authorized Mul-T-Lock service center.
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Selective Entry - Locks are available keyed-alike, keyed-different, or master-keyed so you decide who has access to each area.
aroKeyed-Alike Systems: Keyed-alike locks use identical keys, enabling a single key to open all locks in a system.
aroMaster-Key Systems: One key (master-key) accesses all the locks in a system, while other keys open only specified locks.

Highest Quality Construction
Mul-T-Lock products are manufactured with alloyed case hardened and tempered steel, using a unique system of telescopic tumbler pins and drivers.
They meet the rigid German burglary standard and the United States of America burglary standard UL-437.
These rigid standards result in lock systems that are:
aroPick Resistant Drill Resistant
aroSaw Resistant Bolt Cutter Resistant
aroRust Resistant Restricted Key Duplication

High Security Anti-Theft Locks & Devices for Home, Work & Recreation
For your home
Mul-T-Lock provides the highest security available. Virtually indestructible, this is certainly your first line of defense against intruders.

Mul-T-Lock Security with Computer Controlled Restricted Keyways for Commercial Buildings and Offices<

bldgFor your Business - Commercial or Retail
Key Control is normally overlooked in project planning, and can become very costly after completion. We represent the world leader in high security lock cylinders with totally restricted keys that retrofit your new or existing hardware. From construction to completion, all your master key and key control problems are eliminated.

Mul-T-Lock professionals have the answer to your business security needs. As experienced locksmiths and security consultants, the best time to integrate custom design access control systems is during pre-construction design. Knowing that this is not always possible, we can also help to efficiently organize retro-fits, ensuring compliance in both instances with A.D.A. (American with Disabilities Act of 1992) standards while providing the latest in anti theft, anti-burglary devices.

Mul-T-Lock can also provide sales and service on safes, for records, files, cash, jewelry, and guns for home or office.
We can provide you with the latest in anti-theft systems for the storage of:
drugs, controlled substances, precious metals, and computer disks and tapes.

Please contact us for further information, specifications and technical details.
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