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Glass after glass,
bottle after bottle,
hoping, needing, wanting to erase the pain.

Wanting to repeat history,
to do the right things,
to be there at every beck and call,
to say “I love you”.

Wishing it was not true,
that it was a dream.
Drink after drink,
clouding the mind,
yet not the questions:
why him, why him?
All prayers, in vain,
many sleepless nights,
I am more deserving of such a fate,

Too young.

The questions burning in the mind,
Why him, O Lord, why him?
Such endured by a small boy.
A whole life ahead, snuffed like a flame.

I loved him.

The sun shone once again,
Peace of heart regained,
knowing he rests in the bosom of the Lord.

Please my dear brother pray for me.
David Cassidy / 1987


All charitable donations to this fund are used as a bursary for the further education of children with cancer and/or children from families with cancer. / Gordon W. Cassidy - CEO
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