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Hydraulic Dock Levelers  prod-level-hydr-title
Increase your operational efficiency and productivity with Total Hydraulic Control at the touch of a button.

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For maximum safety, low maintenance and increased efficiency, Serco's hydraulic dock leveler is the perfect solution. Various models are available to match your application needs: HLM, HL, HLR, HLQ and HFC. Serco levelers use premium systems with regenerative hydraulics to insure low maintenance and reliable performance in all environments and weather conditions. With powered in and out lip control, safety and reliable performance are maximized.

Standard Features:
aroClean Frame™ Design
aroRegenerative Hydraulics
aroVelocity Fuse Safety System
aroYieldable Hydraulic Lip
aroHydraulic Safety Stop
aroIntegral Maintenance Strut
aroHigh Tensile Desk & Lip

Serco Mechanical Dock Levellers with HydraCam Lip Control

Durable construction with smooth and efficient mechanical operation.

Serco's Mechanical Dock Leveler is safe and easy to operate. For the dock attendant's safety, release of the hold-down requires a minimal force and, unlike other levelers, that force remains constant during the loading cycle. Once the unit is raised, the lip remains extended, until the walk-down is initiated. Because of our unique hold-down design and HydraCam Lip Control, little weight is required to walk the unit down. Serco's Mechanical Leveler is available in 2 types of systems, WL and WS.

Standard W Series Features
aroStructural safety legs stop leveler platform at dock level.
aroIntegral cam limits safety stop interference during leveler float with truck
aroLip Keepers secure leveler when overhead door is down
aroHydraCam Lip Control
aroClean Frame™ Design

Serco Air-Activated Dock Levellers - Two stage single speed fan for Superior Operational Efficiency no springs required

The Serco Air BagTM Dock Leveler utilizes advanced air lifting technology to provide a cost-effective solution for the loading dock. Simple operation and a clean, efficient design provides a level of performance unequalled in the industry. The leveler is activated by a simple push button located on the loading dock wall. Pushing the button activates the two-stage, single-speed fan, which inflates the air bag and raises the deck and lip. Releasing the button allows the deck to descend to the truck bed. The Air Bag Dock Leveler does not incorporate a high maintenance hold down and springs like mechanical levelers. Compared to mechanicals, Air Bag Dock Levelers are superior in operational efficiency and deliver a lower total cost of ownership.

aroHigh volume, low pressure air bag lifting mechanism — requires no scheduled maintenance
aroPush-button activation system
aroAutomatic lip extension with every cycle
aroClean-FrameTM design for easy pit clean out
aroIntegral support strut for maintenance and cleaning
aroSolid steel safety stop legs — manual retracting for below dock operations
aroAutomatic night locks — external lip keepers

BOTTOM PAD BUMPERS - For full perimeter seal at dock door.
shelter_drawing_3Serco Laminated Dock Bumpers

NOTE: Bumpers are essential with a seal installation to prevent over-compression.

Many additional options are available. Please call for specific details on options to suit your particular application.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Please contact us for further information, specifications and technical details.
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