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Total Key Control
Total Key Control - Complete Accountability!

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We specialize in products and software to control, store, and protect your keys.

We provide new meaning to the word secure. Let us get to know you and we will meet the demanding challenges of your environment.

For further information and technical details please contact Edwards Door Systems Limited - 1-888-786-5623.

aroSecure - Effective - Tamperproof
aroExpansive networking handles numerous security boxes and distances with ease.
aroKeyKeeper Software is a new, efficient way to control your system.
aroThe Security Key Dispenser makes the automated dispensing of keys convenient and secure. Your keys are safely stored in locked cabinets only opened by valid access codes.
aroCabinets are compatible with local or remote keypad, card swipe, and biometric or custom reader technology.
aroThe Security Key Dispenser (SKD) has taken into account all of your needs. You decide - through simple programming - who uses what keys, when, and for how long.
aroProgram users with access levels, time zones, alerts, and alarms. If your SKD is tampered with, a wrong PIN is entered, or a key is not returned on time, the SKD will let you know. For quick dispensing and auditing, keys are returned to their original position.
aroWe can integrate with your existing ID system.

Chit Key Vault
Chit Key Vaults with CyberLock Electronic Cylinders
Programmable Electronic Key Cabinets
Key Cabinets available with Alarm Interface

You Must Leave a Key to Take a Key

aroChit boxes can be optionally connected to alarms and access control systems to show a key has been removed.
aroCustom sizes with additional key storage positions are available.
aroThe chit vault is 16-gauge (0.06 in.) steel and uses Abloy high security locks and keys as standard design..
aroChit Vaults can be provided with CyberLock Electronic cylinders for additional security and audit trails.
aroOptional Tamper-Proof Key Rings are sealed and serialized to prevent undetected key removals or substitutions.
aroOptional bezel allows flush or partial recessed mounting.
aroAlarm Interface available.

Please contact us for further information, specifications and technical details.
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