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Cyberlock Intelligent Cores
The virtually pick-proof, intelligent CyberLock cylinder replaces standard 6-pin cylinders in minutes. Access can be restricted to specific times and days with the option of a start as well as an expiration date.
An audit report is stored in both the CyberLock cylinder and the CyberKey.
Touch Access Systems
with Audit Controls
With TouchAccess installed, you have the ability to grant access to selected individuals on specific days at specific times. TouchAccess provides a comprehensive audit trail of all access events showing who was there, when and how long.
The iButton™ "keys" are unalterable and cannot be duplicated.
Electronic Controlled Access for Filing Cabinets
Businesses of all sizes can now inexpensively track and control access to file cabinet drawers. This system allows management control over who has access to files, what days they have access, and the specific times during those days.

One of the most beneficial features of this system is the ability to download a comprehensive audit trail of the latest entries, with the specific date and time of each occurrence.
Multi-Lock Multiple Cabinet Locking System
The Multi-Lock multiple locking system eliminates the torque exhibited in devices that lock at the top and bottom only. Coupled to the outside hinge bar is an orange inner slide bar that locks to specially designed lug hinges, at every drawer opening.

Our built-in spring-loaded hinge swings the bar clear, allowing all file drawers to open. With Multi-Lock, you have unrestricted access to files that are unlocked, even while adjacent files remain locked.

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Complete Preventative Facility Maintenance Programs Available

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