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duratraxDuraTrax reads both bar codes and Touch Memory buttons. DuraTrax brings you the latest in highly functional portables. It meets our commitment to durability, ease of use, and flexibility of small handheld products.
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aroCompact, Portable Design
aroDurable Metal Case
aroVery Easy Operation
aroEasily Programmed User Prompts
aroNo Rechargeable Batteries
aroReads Bar Codes and Touch Memory Buttons
Each DuraTrax is housed in a rock-solid, water- and dust-resistant metal case with a finish that resists corrosion. And, DuraTrax weighs approximately 9 ounces.

With DuraTrax no battery charging is required. You get ample power for up to three months, or up to 100,000 bar code reads, or up to 300,000 Touch Memory button reads from four standard AA alkaline batteries. In addition, a lithium back-up battery protects your data when changing batteries. Each unit comes with 128K of memory. An LCD display (2 x 16) prompts the user through the program. When the data is collected, the information is displayed along with the date and time of each read.

Downloading Your Data
You have two ways to transmit data, either with a base station or an infrared (IR) transceiver.

The DuraTrax base station can be used alone or linked together for multiple downloading of up to 10 readers. The base station may be connected directly to a computer or to a modem for data transfer from a remote location. Both remote and host-initiated modem communication are supported.

Your data can also be transmitted to an IR transceiver built into your computer or printer, or to an external IR transceiver that connects to your PC serial port.

Application Builder Software for DuraTrax
Application Builder takes the complexity out of programming and allows you to quickly put the DuraTrax to work.

Ease of use and flexibility are the keys to the Application Builder software for Windows or Macintosh. You will appreciate the ease of creating applications; the graphical interface allows you to create your application on the screen, before loading it into the reader.

It's easy to enhance your application. You can add extra steps to your application to give the user more information.

For developers who have exceptional application requirements, Application Builder will generate source code in BASIC. The code can then be enhanced, recompiled, and loaded into the DuraTrax. Call Edwards Door Systems for more information.

Your collected data, including time and date, is transferred as an ASCII text file that can be easily imported into any database or spreadsheet program. Application Builder is available for either Windows 95, 98, and NT, or Macintosh.

DuraTrax  Specifications
Aluminum case, weather-resistant
8.8 oz (249.5 g
128K RAM battery-backed RAM
Visible, 655nm
Scan Storage
3,550 scans of 5-digit bar code or 2,600 button IDs with date and time
5% to 95% non condensing
Scan, scroll
2-line x 16-character LCD
4 AA alkaline or lithium
Back-up Battery
Rechargeable lithium, approximate 10 year life
Good-read LED, battery voltage
Beeper, variable frequency and duration settings
Internal Clock
Real-time & date
Contact bar code & Touch Memory
Bar Code Symbologies
Code 3 of 9, Codabar, I-2 of 5, UPC, EAN, Code 128
Water & dust resistant
DS Touch Memory 1990, 1991 read-only, 1992, 1993, 1994 read/write
Data Storage
Bar code data, origin/family code, date & time
ASCII text file
Width 1.47" (37.3 mm), Depth 1.06" (26.9 mm), Length 6.25" (158.8 mm)
Storage: -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F), Operating: 0° to 50° C (32° to 122°F)
One year
Application Builder - Windows & Macintosh, Developer's environment - BASIC
RS-232 serial IR link to IrDA® standard transceivers

Installed and Serviced across Canada and the U.S.A. by  Edwards Door Systems Limited - 1-888-786-5623
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